1. L

    i7core laptop

    please anyone assist me i am in need of 2 i7 laptops to begin my business of web design and web development . i don't have the funds to get the laptops . i urge anyone in South Africa to donate or sponsor or even if i can pay monthly for them i will . please help me out . mail me ...
  2. P

    Laptop Donation

    I have 3 old laptops I would like to donate to a charity or an organization that redistributes old hardware. Does anyone know of a service like this in South Africa?
  3. Rouxenator

    Boost blood iron level

    I went to donate blood two weeks ago and they said the iron level of my blood is just under the minimum threshold. It should be 13.5 and I had 13.4 which is strange because normally it is in the 15s. Anyways they said I should comeback in two weeks time which is today. I though I would spike my...
  4. Rouxenator

    Donate Blood : how many units have you done?

    I started a few years back and by now I have donated 19 units. I am sure there are a few people here that can beat that so please tell how much you have given ? Also - if you don't donate why is that ?
  5. T

    Girl, 15, plans own funeral

    Read this story this morning and thought it was really sad. I donated 250 bucks after they added the banking details later. Thought maybe this community could do some good :),,2-7-1442_2422522,00.html
  6. Rouxenator

    World Community Grid

    I was wondering if there was anyone else here that participates in world community grid? It also runs on BOINC (the same client as SETI) but instead of looking for little green spacemen it uses computers from all over to world to work out protene paterns in order to discover drugs to cure cancer...
  7. T

    Have you ever donated money towards open source software?

    I admit, I'm really thinking of donating a bit of my cash to Mozilla for inventing Firefox :D:D:D Has anyone here donated money or skills towards open source companies? :confused: