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    i7core laptop

    please anyone assist me i am in need of 2 i7 laptops to begin my business of web design and web development . i don't have the funds to get the laptops . i urge anyone in South Africa to donate or sponsor or even if i can pay monthly for them i will . please help me out . mail me ...
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    Laptop Donation

    I have 3 old laptops I would like to donate to a charity or an organization that redistributes old hardware. Does anyone know of a service like this in South Africa?
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    Girl, 15, plans own funeral

    Read this story this morning and thought it was really sad. I donated 250 bucks after they added the banking details later. Thought maybe this community could do some good :),,2-7-1442_2422522,00.html
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    Have you ever donated money towards open source software?

    I admit, I'm really thinking of donating a bit of my cash to Mozilla for inventing Firefox :D:D:D Has anyone here donated money or skills towards open source companies? :confused: