1. S

    Fibre In Asherville / Sydenham (Durban, KZN)

    Hi all, Finally some great news for our area! With the MASSIVE, sudden movement from FNO's regarding fibre in Asherville / Sydenham, we've decided to made our own thread to keep track of it all. As I understand it, we have 3 different FNO's laying fibre in our area (Openserve / Telkom...
  2. T

    Old Radio / radar dishes on Umhlanga Ridge (1980's / 90's)

    Does anyone remember / know / have any photos of the old 'radar' / telecom dishes (there used to be x2 giant ones) which used to be visible on Umhlanga Ridge in Durban? We used to visit my grandmother out that way in the 1980's / 90's and i distinctly remember seeing x2 massive parabolic dishes...
  3. J

    How much you will pay to drive from Joburg to Durban

    How much you will pay to drive from Joburg to Durban From 1 March 2021, you will pay R272 in toll fees to drive between Johannesburg and Durban, while a trip to or from Cape Town will cost R197. Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula has approved toll tariff increases as recommended by the South...
  4. M

    Birth Registration service in Durban?

    I've just had a baby and want to know if there are services that will do the birth registration for a fee without having to go to home affairs. I see one service online - Bunny Hop. Has anyone used them? What is the process? I heard you still have to go to home affairs. Are there are any other...
  5. S

    VPS testers wanted

    Hi all, Hope this is ok to post here - mods, please delete if not. Busy working with a new company that's setting up hosting clusters in JHB & DBN. The servers will be hosted in Teraco and provide excellent connectivity options. As part of the final set of tests, I'm looking for anyone who...
  6. ADrunkTeddyBear

    123net Air Fibre?

    So I logged onto 123net's website yesterday and they said my area is covered for fibre so I sent in a request for them and they said my area is covered for "Air Fibre". Im currently on rain LTE and I want to know if "Air Fibre" is better than LTE and what are the speeds like and also if the...
  7. P

    Durban doctors for lower back pain

    Hi guys, I injured my lower back at a trampoline park over a year ago and after seeing a chrio I was told I had an annular tear. With rehab exercises and some rest it got about 70%. I am still very limited in what I can do without my back flaring up again the next day though. The other day I...
  8. J

    ANC mayor recommends Durban Harbour should be closed to stop minerals from leaving South Africa

    ANC mayor recommends Durban Harbour should be closed to stop minerals from leaving South Africa The executive mayor of the City of Ekurhuleni and ANC Ekurhuleni regional chairperson Mzwandile Masina has proposed the closure of Durban Harbour to stop minerals from leaving the country. Masina...
  9. P

    Curry Restaurant Durban

    Hi guys, I was in the UK recently and went to a curry restaurant where you ordered your curry, rice and naan separately and there were lots of flavor options for each. I really enjoyed the fact that it was an actual restaurant and that they offered curries like Butter Chicken and Rogan Josh...
  10. P

    Imported Sweets in Durban

    Hi guys, Does anyone know of a good online/physical store in Durban that sells a good range of imported sweets, chocolates, sodas etc? Whenever I travel abroad I like to try sweets and chocolates specific to that country, but now I can't get any of them again and that's a problem...
  11. D

    BenQ LCD monitor service centre in Durban?

    Anyone know where to get my BenQ LCD monitor repaired in Durban under warranty? I originally purchased it from Takealot 1 and a half years ago. Contacting BenQ directly, they gave me the contact details of their local service centre called "Let Me Repair". Phoning their Durban number, the...
  12. JOEY_8

    How to get Fibre in my Suburb?

    Hi guys So basically I live in a Suburb in Durban that has terrible ADSL and isn't getting Fibre anytime soon. I spoke to Openserve and they say we aren't on the master plan for the next 2 years. So i checked Vumatel's coverage map, and it says I need about 11000 more to show interest. The...
  13. JimboJambo

    Opinions on Openserve fiber

    My area just got lit up for fiber and it seems the only provider is Openserve. Whilst im not too bothered with the price, I just want to know if anyone here has had experience with them as their primary fiber ISP and if i should rather wait on other ISPs to operate on the infrastructure? Since...
  14. JimboJambo

    50M outside of Rain LTE-A coverage zone

    I am give or take 50m outside of the Rain LTE-A coverage zone and get full 4g coverage from within my home on my cellphone. Crystalweb are willing to send me a router and start a month to month contract even with these conditions. Should I bite the bullet on this and try it out??? :confused...
  15. G

    Dunkirk poor picture quality at IMAX Gateway - Ster Kinekor

    Has anyone else experienced sharp ads and trailers but the movie itself seems out of focus? Brilliant movie ruined by Ster Kinekor once again.:mad:
  16. B

    Mercedes GL320 - Air suspension leak

    Hello, I've got a 2007 Merc GL320CDI with 160,000kms on the clock. Great car. BUT I have an airmatic suspension system problem - apparently 'only' a leak in the system. Anyone know of a good pneumatic mechanic in the Durban area??? Trying to avoid the Merc stealership...
  17. S

    Why does my counter not work on

    HI I have different counters (jquery.countTo.js) and sometimes the counter does not work. :mad: se section under SEO plans and pricing or under References. my website is all help is appreciated Thank you :)
  18. P

    Car Aircon Repairs - Durban

    Hi Guys, I am looking to get my aircon repaired. I live in Durban and transportation is a problem while my car gets repaired so not looking to go too far. I know of a few good places in Pinetown but I am looking for somewhere a bit closer. Any suggestions on good places to take it in...
  19. A

    Uber Dolphin Coast a.m.

    What is the likelihood of me getting an Uber to King Shaka airport at 04h30 on a weekday morning in Ballito? Are there drivers around at that hour?
  20. T

    Best vehicle panelbeaters in Durban

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone can recommend good panel beaters in the northern, central or western areas in Durban, preferably ones whose work is of OEM quality (should be hard for another person to tell if the car has had bodywork done on the car lol :D). I have a white Hyundai i10...