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    Domains v Elitehost v other options?

    Any recommendations from personal experience on which host to select? Or are they much the same? My needs are basic: a 4-3 page website and about 5 email addresses. Any thoughts welcome.
  2. C

    Best SA Web Host Research

    I would like to research and report on South African hosting providers' uptime (percentage of time website is online and accessible) as well as connection speed (miliseconds to reach site). While most web hosts claim 99.9% uptime, from experience I know this to be false. For the investigation I...
  3. R

    Gridhost vs Elitehost (Used both lately...)

    [Edit: Apologies for wrong word choice in Title, still a sleep :) ] Hi all, Just some feedback for those interested - used Gridhost and Elitehost recently (Shared Hosting) Gridhost - Horrible Service, there's no other word except maybe horrible lack of service, the call centre person I dealt...
  4. Z

    Shout Out to Elitehost.co.za

    Have hosted with these guys for about 3 years and host about 10 different sites. One of personal sites has grown nicely and peaks at around 5 000 visitors a day on their shared hosting platform without hitting the limits . Their shared hosting starts at R35 , which is great value for money ...
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    Choosing webhost in South Africa

    Hi Everyone I think the question I am about to ask has been asked before but browsing through threads I couldn't find something that answers my question...ok I need advice on webhosting,I am clue less in IT sector so I will ask anyway,what are things to look out for before deciding on hoster...
  6. K

    Anyone have experience with JCW Hosting?

    I'm currently looking for web hosting and have thus far narrowed it down to JCW Hosting or Elitehost based on price, disk space and traffic. I have another site hosted with Elitehost and am happy with their service, but they do not offer free domain registration with annual payment as JCW...