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  1. B

    Need my fibre line released

    I cancelled with @MWEBHelp(27th October) and waited the notice period, I called customer service, contacted via FB and have multiple pending queries. Yet..... my fibre line has not been released, why? What can I do when the ISP ignores all requests to release my line? Is it time to call in lawyers?
  2. G

    Vumatel with Cell C-Fibre, Line Speeds, Cape Town

    Hopefully the following post can help someone out there that had as many questions I had regarding Fibre and its performance. Questions such as: Who is the best ISP to select once your line has been installed? Is there a difference between LTE-A and Fibre? Which router is the best for Fibre...
  3. P

    Active Fibre ISP

    Is anyone using the ISP Active Fibre? I'm struggling to find reviews and would love to have some feedback. Their prices and benefits seems very good but is it worth avoiding leading ISP's like Rocketnet and Cool Ideas? Your feedback is appreciated.
  4. K

    How to prove you are not getting what you paid for

    Hi Guys, I am with Cfibre (20Mb up and down) and got the Vumatel CPE installed. I have done the speed test and always get good results like this: But I am still 100% sure that I am not getting that. I mean I can't stream 1080p, 720p and sometimes even 480p. My main goal with Fibre...
  5. N

    Fibre Optic installation Cost

    Hello MyBroadband i have a friend who lives in a complex of flats near the cape town City, she says her neighbour has fibre but she wants it in her apartment but she has to pay R2,000. does she have to pay to have it in her apartment?? i told her she must ask if she has vumatel in her...
  6. STSolutions

    FTTH Milnerton Ridge (Cape Town)

    There is interest to bring fibre to Milnerton Ridge along Grand National Boulevard. Send an email with your complex name to so that we may ascertain interest and get fibre rolled out to complexes in this area!
  7. STSolutions

    FTTH Somerset Ridge, Cape Town - SHOW YOUR INTEREST!

    If you live in a complex in the Somerset Ridge area, and you are interested in installing Fibre in your home, please show your interest by emailing Your neighbours desperately want to be connected, but we need more residents on board.