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    Free fibre speed upgrades - When you can expect yours

    Free fibre speed upgrades - When you can expect yours Many fibre customers have complained they have not received free line speed upgrades offered to them by their fibre network operators (FNOs). A number of FNOs and ISPs have in recent weeks indicated they will upgrade customers' line speeds...
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    Vumatel with Cell C-Fibre, Line Speeds, Cape Town

    Hopefully the following post can help someone out there that had as many questions I had regarding Fibre and its performance. Questions such as: Who is the best ISP to select once your line has been installed? Is there a difference between LTE-A and Fibre? Which router is the best for Fibre...
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    Slow line speeds and Whats app not working.

    Good day all, would appreciate the advise going forward. I have the below issue and want to know if someone can guide me in the right direction. 1. Fibre line is with TT Connect. 2. Service provider is Axxess. 3. Router is a TP LINK TL-WR840N_V5 - Firmware up to date. 4. CTS Box TT Connect...
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    Vumatel Data Service providers - Performances

    Vumatel is coming to our area, and there seems to be a great deal of uncertainty of which data providers provide a good service - ie no shaping, low latency, fair use policy, actual data speeds for international traffic. There seems to be a lot of info on test done on the Vuma network but all...