1. C

    Told that if I want to withdraw from Paypal, I have no option but to open an FNB current account

    Hey everyone - I used to be with FNB way back in the day. I then ditched them and moved to Capitec. I work as a freelancer on Upwork, and I'm trying to withdraw funds from Paypal to my Capitec account. Normally, one would just create an online banking profile with FNB and then use that to...
  2. Scooby_Doo

    Recommended Forex Broker

    Howdy, I want to move a large sum into USD for transfer into my Interactive Brokers account, what would be the best/easiest/cheapest method to get this done. The investment challenge rates RandSwiss. Thoughts?
  3. MeestaR


    Anyone heard of Quicktrade? Someone I knew has been recently employed by them, and for training, used me as their lab rat to ask questions, present me with numbers, etc. They want to sell to me that I should begin trading on my own, on their platform, linked to my bank account. Provided the...
  4. callvm

    Recommended forex broker?

    I'm looking to reduce my exposure in SA without actually having to move my assets out of the country. I'd like to take positions in foreign currency to hedge against some of my other trading activities. Can anyone recommend a decent forex broker with low fees and tight spreads? I've Googled but...
  5. callvm

    Best bank for fast international payments?

  6. R

    IQ Option IB Programme

    Hi All! Through this pandemic, we all need an extra income to supplement our existing streams. Have you taken a look at IQ Option IB Programme? Awesome benefits and commission awaits you! Become an Introducing broker and maximize your income potential with up to 45% commission in revenue...
  7. Rharia

    Cryptocurrency and forex with the same broker. AAFX Trading reviews in this light

    From what I see, a lot of people here trade cryptocurrencies with either Binance or similar cryptobroker. But I'd like to have more assets to trade: fiat currencies, indices, etc. I have algoruthmic strategy in mind and AAFX broker as one of the candidates, cause they offer nice leverage and...
  8. J

    FNB Foreign Currency Account (non-resident)

    Hello, I intend to open a Foreign Currency Account (FCA) for non-residents since I found out that I am not eligible for the Global Account. Does any one have any experience with this account? From what I see, there is no online banking for this account and any transactions would need to be...
  9. carstensdj

    Local Forex Trading Platform to choose?

    Hey Forumites. I'll keep it short and simple... I'm looking at getting back into Forex and Commodity trading again. Please can you guys recommend a decent platform/broker to use, here in South Africa? Something that can work via MT4 would be nice. I'd also prefer to use a platform that supports...
  10. A

    International forex advice

    What's the best and most cost effective payment method during overseas travel? The capitec card seems to be the cheapest when it comes to exchange rates and extra fees on foreign purchases. Would a capitec credit/debit card be a better option than taking a prepaid forex card? Will there be...
  11. T

    Forex broker in South Africa

    Good day, I would like to find out from South African forex,commodities and crypto traders, which brokers do you use and recommend for South Africans that have reasonable spreads etc etc?
  12. Moby Grape

    Binance to introduce FIAT trading pairs!

    This is pretty big news... Part of the issue with trading crypto is that you're trading one volatile asset against another (BTC/LTC, BTC/ETH etc.). Also, it's easy to fall into the trap of following a crypto asset's value against the dollar while you're in fact trading against BTC or ETH...
  13. K

    Paypal transfer/withdrawal fee to FNB acc

    Good morning, I've done freelance work for a few years for an overseas company and they have paid me via forex which has worked out well until now. However, last month the charges on the amount were over R350 which is about R200 more than it's been before. I decided to open a paypal...
  14. S

    Forex Broker

    Friendly Broker Hello Friends, For those trading currencies, what broker are you currently with? Currently with IG and having problems :sick: Thanks.
  15. B

    Copy Trades - Forex Trading

    What is copy trading actually? It can be simply explained as copy/paste option. Traders in South Africa have option to follow traders and according to settings available on trading platform, directly copy trades. Since many experienced traders place successful traders, then question rises...
  16. P

    Forex - is my bank milking me?

    I recently received a cheque in USD from the US. When I deposited it at my bank, I was told that I will be phoned in 6-8 weeks and given a quote on the resultant Rands I will receive. And it sounds like I won't have an option but to accept. The way I read this is that the bank will collect the...
  17. F

    Forex in South Africa

    The increase in forex trading ads and forex "success" stories in the country has put forex trading in the spotlight. Really want to be profitable? Let's talk, share ideas, strategies and quick tips. Real people, real information.
  18. B

    Trip to Europe - How to pay while there

    Gf and I are heading off to Europe next month for some travelling :) :cool: Would appreciate advice on how to go about paying for day-to-day expenses, eg. groceries, petrol, accommodation. Older threads mention getting cold hard cash from Rennies, but I would prefer paying by card...
  19. I

    How to Choose a Forex Broker Who Will Not Fleece You

    How to Choose a Forex Broker Who Will Not Fleece You When involved in international currency (Forex) and contract for difference (CFD) markets, an investors’ most important trading decision is which brokerage platform to sign-up on. Many traders regard brokers as mere intermediaries who are...
  20. I

    How Forex Brokers Really Make Money

    How Forex Brokers Really Make Money By Alex Bowman, CFA - August 27, 2015 Most Forex brokers aren't your traditional financial intermediaries found on Wall Street. When operating in international currency, full understanding of the structure and strategic objectives of Forex brokers may...