1. M

    How can we send FREE SMS's on web

    What Facebook SMS free apps. work sms's in SOUTH AFRICA ? What other sites offer free sms's in SA? What about email to sms? this would be FANTASTIC again. (voda used to years back eg - u would put sms in subject box) WHAT other ways can we send free sms's on...
  2. B

    Freeware webcam app well worth getting

    I've just trialled MJPEG Surveillance 2.0 and man is it a real li'l beauty! First, about: (sic: he's a programmer, not a writer) The host I have it running on is a 32bit AMD 2400+ with 512MB RAM & through an el-cheapo Logitech QuickCam Messenger and it works a charm: - the app starts up...
  3. S

    Free rAge ticket!

  4. T

    What's the best free AntiVirus at the moment?

    Obviously opinion is going to come into this, that's fine, but basically going to have to give up AVG 7.5 at the endo of this month. Apparently that's when free updates for 7.5 end. So the other options are AVG 8 free, AVAST free, or Antivira free editions. Don't know of any other free AV...
  5. medicnick83

    Free Half-Life 2! Thanks Steam!

    Okay, here is the thing, this morning, I checked Steam, completely random, I have no idea why I checked it, and on my list of games, it says next to Half-Life 2 "1 Extra Copy" and when I click on that, it says: "A gift is a full version of the game you can give to a friend" which is currently...
  6. Stokstert

    Gizmo's Tech Alert List of Free Software

    The format of the Tech Alert list of good free software, including the publication of the "46 Best-ever Freeware", has changed to include a wider selection. Here is a short extract of the author: Users' reactions to the demonstration version of our new wiki style "Best-ever Freeware" site...