1. Xander8807

    Battlefield 4, 4 Free Downloads (If you have BF4 on Origin)

    hey guys, not sure if anyone has mentioned this on here, but BF4 has 4 Downloads for free on Origin if you have BF4 base pack. China Rising: Community Operations DLC...
  2. I

    Your Favourite Open Source Software?

    What are your favourite Free/Libre/Open Source applications or projects? Reply below and I will add anything I deem worthy to this post for quick reference (until I get bored, die or find someone better to do it :) ) EDIT: The list has has exceeded the character limit for a single post on this...
  3. A

    FREE! domain name registration and parking

    Personal first and / or surnames only Register here
  4. S

    [FREE][GIVEAWAY] 47cm Weber Kettle Braai

    Item: 47cm Weber kettle Age: old, 20 years? Price: Free, nothing, zero rands. Warranty: no Condition: well used and dirty, 100% serviceable, used it last weekend. Location: Olivedale Shipping: collection only Click for Photos
  5. P

    Best option for free podcast hosting

    I'm looking for a free podcast hosting option where people can subscribe to and get the latest feeds Any ideas?
  6. L

    i7core laptop

    please anyone assist me i am in need of 2 i7 laptops to begin my business of web design and web development . i don't have the funds to get the laptops . i urge anyone in South Africa to donate or sponsor or even if i can pay monthly for them i will . please help me out . mail me ...
  7. joshtech7

    Has anyone used "Pocket deal"?

    I've discovered the site ( and was curious to know whether anyone had come across it before... If you have, i just have a few questions... is it true you can watch movies and series for free? and can the Pocket Deal Android Box be configured to watch DSTV & Supersport...
  8. L

    WebAfrica emails on LTE Routers misleading

    Hi all This is my first post and apologies if I did anything wrong. I would like some advise if I can take this further and in general if I can complain about this issue so other users will be made aware what they are getting into on the free to use router. When I signed up in October 2017...
  9. B

    Multi Wealth 2018 Invest and Funeral Cover Competition R5000

    COMPETITION 5000 There are 2 Competitions to win for: Win R5000 in the 100% Cash Back Funeral Cover Competition Be the first to Refer 10 Concluded Funeral Cover Sales by the end of Aug 2018 and win the R5000 Just simply go to and follow the prompt to Enter Win...
  10. Z

    What gadgets would you like to see more off?

    Hey everybody, We would like to know what gadgets everybody would like to see more of in SA? Please follow the format below for the category and item name. Category: (example: TV Box) Name: (example: Xiaomi MI Box) This will be used for future competitions, giveaways, coupons, etc. If...
  11. J

    HIfi Corp won't honour advert if they match competitor's price

    • Hifi Corp advertised a Hisense 55” TV at R14999 which includes a Free 32” TV (KZN Sales paper for 17 to 20 August 2017). • I called the Springfield store in Durban, KZN on 17 August 2017 and asked if they could match Dion Wired who sell the 55M7000 Hisense TV (normal price) at R12999 •...
  12. Z

    GearBest Voucher Thread

    Good day All, As most people might know, I am currently working with GearBest to get items to review and giveaway. I am currently working with them on also getting vouchers for clients. I will confirm hopefully in the next few days and will be posting crazy specials and voucher information...
  13. Z

    How to import from GearBest and more

    Importing in SA (V1.6 Update 24/01/2019) This information is given without warranty or guarantee and you use it at your own risk. It might be bias but this is my view on things, so use it if you wish. We have learnt a lot about importing and would like to share this information. There are...
  14. A


    Good morning all...this is my first time posting on a forum please advice if there is anyone willing to tutor me in photography I live in JHB south and love photography. I own no equipment of any kind hence the reason I'm on here, I am here to ask for a willing person who wants to give back in...
  15. J

    Boredom Freebie

    Hi All. I was bored, so I made a calendar for 2017. Help yourself. I will not be able to offer printing services, or any sort of support :wtf: HERE is it!
  16. C

    LA Webs HOT DEALS!

    Great Savings at LA Webs Don't miss out on these savings Save on your companies hosting for a complete year with 50% discount. Get a fibre connection through LA Webs and get free hosting We have various website upgrades underway. This includes the following. More...
  17. X

    Legally watch other Satelite providers

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me whether it would be legal to watch free-to-air satelite channels in South Africa (without any subscription)? I was living in Dubai fir more than 2 years and there free-to-air channels were no problem.
  18. Bryn

    PSA: Free Spotify clone!

    Magical Tune I stumbled upon this website. It's a pretty good clone-in-progress of Spotify, with no geographical restrictions and an impressive catalogue. Thoughts? I wonder if they licensed the music? :erm:
  19. Johnatan56

    Open source database systems ebook

    Hi, does anyone know of an open source/free text book on database systems? It has to be for beginners. Thanks.
  20. S

    Telkom ADSL promo 2015 q about night surfer

    Howzit mense. I have a 2mb line with a 10gb cap on one of telkoms do bundles(not sure which btw).They have initiated their promo and so i noticed that i have double the data cap :D (i.e 20 gb) every month from the beginning of October 2015 till sometime in 2016. What i need to know is whether...