1. R13...

    DA advertising for MPs & MPL

    So are any of you going to be applying for the jobs the DA advertised in the Sunday Times. They're looking for MPs, MPL, and other reps for the 2014 elections. Closing date is end of March. I am going to apply for an MP position:D The ad is in the Sunday Times and I might post a picture of...
  2. B

    Netflix, Hulu and more on your DSL Line with UnoTelly

    Hi, I have just setup UnoTelly and it is brilliant, got a 30 day account from Netflix and have been streaming all weekend, check out UnoTelly on and sign up for a free trial and put it to the test, I have tested on both 1MB and 10MB lines and both work perfectly, using an...
  3. A

    Free Developer Training on the East Rand - Saturday 2012/10/13

    Hi guys Sorry this is on such short notice, I didn't realise that there was a Developers section here at MyBroadband. The East Rand Developer and DBA User Group, ERDDUG, is hosting free developer training tomorrow, Saturday 13 October 2012. The session is entitled "Advanced Debugging Using...
  4. J

    Mobile app downloads sees free apps dominate paid apps

    Mobile users love free apps: research Free apps dominate against paid apps in the global percentage of total app downloads
  5. E

    Free 3G

    So, I use the FNB APN for 3g data. It's pretty damn cheap, I had R20 something left in my connect account last month and I checked my balance before travelling and it was still R20 something, then today, still the same. Turns out I am no longer paying 39c/meg for the first X megs. It's 100MB...
  6. R

    Linux/Free Firewall for Network

    I am looking to implement a Firewall onto my network. I want something FREE and simple to use preferably something with a user interface instead of commands. I want it to be able to monitor Network usage/sites visited ect as well as Block Websites and ports. What software would you...
  7. LazyLion

    Is your Free Anti-Virus Program a Resource Pig? Read the rest of the article here...
  8. C

    Making money from your pictures: Truth or Fiction and a free starter guide

    Making money from your pictures: Truth or Fiction and a free starter guide A basic look into some of the myths of the Royalty Free Microstock Image industry and guide on how to get started (if you should) This free article submitted by Snap2Art/CD123 February 2012 This article will give the...
  9. S

    Downloadable/Installable (Win7) Network/Broadband monitor

    Hey guys, I recently got a Samsung Galaxy S Plus and downloaded a app that measures my data usage and warns me when I'm about to reach my cap. It has a bunch of statistics and resets once a month along with my SP. So, as I'm using 8ta Internet 5 with a 3G router, I was wondering if there...
  10. S

    Free 3 month ADSL trial on 1mbps uncapped line!

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but I just bumped into the following promotion on the Telkom website: Basically, you get free 3...
  11. LazyLion

    Get a Free 1Mbps Usenet Account on XS Usenet Can anyone access the sign up page and get it to work?
  12. jes

    FNB Connect offers free YouTube bandwidth

    FNB Connect offers free YouTube bandwidth FNB Connect offers its ADSL customers free unlimited access to download, view and share YouTube videos for two months
  13. Little Mac

    Spotify - free music? Anyone tried them? No such thing as a free lunch? Or is the use of the word free legit? Ok, I could have answered my own q: Seems you can get around it with VPN (or if you have a euro cloud server to play with). Perhaps I'll...
  14. jes

    Free Internet worldwide for educators and researchers

    Free Internet worldwide for educators and researchers New roaming service provides Internet at the fingertips of globe-trotting South African researchers
  15. jes

    Afrihost giving away more free ADSL data next week

    Afrihost giving away more free ADSL data next week Afrihost will be giving away more free 1GB ADSL accounts on Thursday
  16. jes

    Free Wi-Fi offered with MacBook purchase

    Free Wi-Fi offered with MacBook purchase WirelessG offers 1GB of free Wi-Fi per month with any purchase of a new Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air
  17. G

    Free education! Get it while its hot! Get free online courses from the world’s leading universities. This collection includes over 250 free courses in the liberal arts and sciences. Download these audio & video courses straight to your computer or mp3 player.
  18. jes

    Free ADSL Data bundles - 15GB from Matrixnet

    Free ADSL Data bundles - 15GB from Matrixnet Matrixnet is offering free 15 GB of ADSL data to any Matrix Warehouse clients that enter their stores
  19. D

    Telkom "Free" Local Usage is not free if you get mail from Mweb

    :mad:i have lodged a complaitn with Telkom's technical department about not being able to receive mail or surf to Mwebs mail platform whan i have reached my cap. I have had the same mweb accoutn for over 11 years and i am not going to change to some crappy Telkom address. I called the tech...