1. shooter69

    Free TV story

    I want to share how I got some free tv. I used to stream everything from my pc using kodi via HDMI cable(I am stuck with a dumb tv). It worked pretty well when my pc was close to my tv. So a week ago I moved into a loft apartment and my pc is now upstairs. So the HDMI cable did not reach...
  2. Z

    Free Website Design and Development

    e e
  3. A

    Samsung rewards

    Pretty smart. Samsung is giving away TV's, sound systems, phone covers and a few other cool stuff to Samsung smart phone owners. Download Samsung rewards via the app store. Add me and we both earn: Link to me on Samsung Rewards and earn a starting bonus. <deleted by="ic" reason="spam"/>
  4. B

    Multi Service Provisioning Platform

    Hi All, I have created a service provisioning platform which integrates to things such as openstack, google apps for business etc. I'm looking for back end services which I can add to my service catalogue, These can be anything from to custom integration's to popular stuff like hosted...
  5. K

    Pigs CAN Fly by Bacon Bits

    Hi Guys Check out my new game Pigs Can Fly! You're a pig that can fly! Navigate through a maze of mines, eat food to earn points, collect all the letters to unlock items to customize your pig! All artwork and development done by myself...
  6. W

    FINALLY- I setup my PC to automatically download TV shows. Here's HOW

    I'd Like to share my success in setting up my pc so that it can automatically download my TV episodes. Ive made a step by step video on how to do it. Visit the video here
  7. J

    FREE telkom land line prepaid R50 voucher

    Hello, sorry, I don't know where to post this (the general forum with a giveaways section seems to be only for mbb folks).. I bought a R50 telkom voucher in March thinking it was a telkom mobile voucher, but it turned out to be a prepaid Telkom land line voucher. I can't use it and I hope...
  8. R13...

    Avoid paying e-tolls by travelling at 113km/h

    Get your speedos calibrated people...
  9. D

    Any Specs on the Free Mweb Router and Range Extender Offer?

    Does anyone know the specs of the Mweb Router and Range extender hardware? is it dualband? mbps? N+?AC? Specs would be great :) this is all i can find: Easy installation and set-up Ability to broadcast multiple WiFi Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs). Private SSID for home use and a...
  10. O

    FREE Wi-Fi Installation to Fibre-Available areas

    Greetings, We just wanted to find out if people were actually interested in receiving FREE Wi-Fi installation in their homes, where you let your body corporate/property managers contact us, we get approval for installation and then go out and install a Wi-Fi connection FREE to homes and...
  11. DrJohnZoidberg

    How to secure your sites through SSL and Apache for free [Linux]

    Firstly, I know the competition is over, just thought this would be useful. Also note that this guide is obviously not aimed at large businesses but more for small websites or sites that are hosted by your business for internal use where there is no VPN access set up. I find that many people...
  12. NeonNinja

    Free R150 airtime [MTN]

    So, I recharged dad with R30 MTN airtime. He received R150 free airtime for MTN to MTN calls, data SMS's. I recharge myself with R30 airtime, I don't get anything? Anyone?
  13. S

    Local Horror Game. Vapour: Borders of Purgatory [Greenlight] [indiegogo]

    Hi, We are Skobbejak Games, a local two man (Tiaan Gerber & Alexander Ehlers) indie game devlopment team. We released a prototype of our first game "Vapour" back in the beginning of August this year and it has garnered a lot of fans and exposure since. That's why we recently...
  14. Y

    XBMC Working Free Streams

    Hi All I would like to see how many free streaming channels are available on XBMC. At the moment I have gotten the BBC channels to work perfectly. I'll make a how to if anyone is interested. Regards ]^[YuMmY]^[
  15. S

    DOTA 2 Give-away

    Hey all. I have 25 copies of DOTA 2.....all free. If you would like one or have a friend that would like one feel free to contact me. Search me on BF3 or Steam TheOnlyDefiler
  16. F

    Have spare copies of Dota 2?

    Hello fellow forumites :) If you have some spare copies of Dota 2 collecting dust in your Steam inventory why not donate it to those in need? There is several ways to spread the love, most of them can be found in the reddit sub sharedota2. If you can't be bothered feel free to send me a pm...
  17. R

    Why I love Linux

    Do I love Linux because it is free? No. So why do I love it so much? Because Linux liberates me; it gives me freedom!
  18. LazyLion

    Arizona Gun Proponents Launch Free Gun Program

    A campaign promising free shotguns for people to protect themselves in this Arizona city has divided some residents in a community still reeling from a shooting rampage in 2011 that killed six people, left a congresswoman and several others wounded, and made Tucson a symbol of gun violence in...
  19. K

    GTA 1, GTA 2 and Wild Metal - FREE Downloads Series from Rockstar

    This takes me back :D
  20. G

    I'm looking for free magazine pdf downloads,NOT Novafile.

    Anybody have any tips for sites that can supply truly free PDF downloads of international magazines? I have been on at least 25 sites today,and they all redirect me to Novafile,which then asks you to subscribe in order to download. Are there any other hosting sites or like-minded places to find...