1. RedViking

    Personal Knowledge Base (PKB) Software or System

    For those who are using PKB software or system. What are you using? I have started with my own PKB many years ago by using HelpNDoc but it is a bit dated and lacks many features. Currently I make good use of Google Keep, but it is very basic. I would prefer something that is Open Source or...
  2. LazyLion

    Movie Explorer: Organize Your Huge Movie Collection with Details from IMDb
  3. Rouxenator

    Video Transcoding : What is the best freeware ?

    What freeware video transcoding tool is currently the best? I have been using MediaCoder for about a year or so but recently tried Freemake Video Converter which seems a lot nice and more robust. Are there any alternatives I should be considering? The majority of my transcoding is to MPEG4...
  4. G

    How can I share a pack of freewares locally?

    Hi I want to share some a freeware pack on this forum locally, I tried to share on quickshare but you can only upload 10 meg at a time and max storage is 200mb :mad: (the freeware pack is like 170mb). Can someone plz make a script to upload a lot of files to quickshare (for example I have a alot...
  5. A

    Best cms to do the job?

    Hi, I'm looking to find what would be the best cms + modules to host a kind of freeware site like the following where users can upload apps, search for apps, detailed list of apps, category etc etc. I know literally any cms can be used, i mostly want to know...
  6. F

    Freeware alternative to Norton Ghost

    I'm looking for a freeware alternative to Norton Ghost. I'll be using it to copy the content of my current 320GB system drive to a new 1TB drive. Thanks
  7. LazyLion

    Orbiter - A free space flight simulator Orbiter is free - but if you like it, you can appreciate the work that has gone into creating it by making a donation. :)
  8. N

    Microsoft Exchange Q!

    Hi guys, Okay, here is a question; Is there a program or registry edit that can be made to have Microsoft Exchange SBS 2003 server check email more frequently than the 15 minute minimum that is allowed? I know there are alot of 'trial' versions of POP3 connectors for Exchange but...
  9. LazyLion

    Five Award Winning Freeware Games! gonna grab some of these! :D
  10. S

    Is it illegal to share Windows 7 RC1?

    Hi guys, I am setting up a few PC's for a friend of mine... I have to put some OS on as I need to install appropriate drivers n what not. But he is very "legal" so does not like any pirated goods. So I told him I would give him Windows 7 RC1 which AFAIK is Free and completely legal to share? I...
  11. LazyLion

    Game Booster auto-tweaks Windows for better performance
  12. LazyLion

    Mac Freeware! Enjoy! I will use this thread to post any Mac Freeware I come across. :)
  13. S

    Simple freeware windows audio editor

  14. M

    Cool apps you've made

    I was hoping that since some of us make apps every now and then, that we could make it freely available for download. We could post the info and download links here. What do you think? I know that Keeper is working on some kind of media application and Fanix just completed an ADSLChecker. IIRC...
  15. S

    Decent iPod extracting software

  16. LazyLion

    List of Commercial Games released as Freeware! Wow... download city! :D
  17. T

    Any freeware or open source software to limit bandwidth by application?

    e.g. Allow 20KBps to Opera and 10KBps to FDM? Hopefully with a scheduler as well?
  18. Q

    My Windows freeware list

    Qinglung's Windows freeware list Time to give a little something back to the community :) There are a few threads with choices for freeware programs, but those felt disjointed, with just a program and link provided per post normally, no discussion on why the person uses that program, the pros...
  19. LazyLion

    Full access to Linux Ext2 volumes from Windows

    Great Freeware Ext2 File System so that you can access your Linux Partitions from within Windows!
  20. LazyLion

    Sites for Completely Free and Legal Software!

    Sites for Completely Free and Legal Software! This thread is specifically for Freeware and Open Source Software. (No Warez, Cracks, Serialz or links to copyrighted software please!) CD & DVD Burning, Discs and Disk Images Image Manipulation, Drawing and Photo Editing Office Suites, Accounting...