galaxy s iii

  1. S

    S3 Reboots and then all calls are silent for S3 user but other caller can hear me

    My S3 is rooted. I'm running CM10.1. Network provider: MTN. For the last 2 months (approximately) I have noted the following issue -not common, I would say it has happen 3 /4 times in 2 months. Shortly after successfully receiving and ending a call, my S3 automatically reboots. Once it's...
  2. T

    Galaxy S3 Screen Replacement Cape Town

    Sooooo I dropped my S3 and broke the glass, touch is also not working and screen is showing strange colours. Anybody know of a place in Cape Town that can fix it?
  3. jes

    Samsung Galaxy S3 - 30 million units solid

    Samsung Galaxy S3 - 30 million units solid Samsung Electronics says global sales of the Galaxy S3 smartphone have topped 30 million
  4. QuintonB

    Samsung Galaxy S III mini reveal coming Thursday 11 October

    Samsung Galaxy S III mini reveal incoming Samsung is set to unveil a “mini” Galaxy S III this week
  5. J

    New Samsung ad pokes fun at iPhone 5

    New Samsung ad parodies iPhone 5 wait Samsung’s latest Galaxy S III advert pokes fun at Apple and the eager consumers queuing up for the iPhone 5.
  6. PseudZ

    Where to get the Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S3?

    Hi all, I am just wondering where I could get the 32GB Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S3 cheapest? I have looked around but thought I would ask as well to see. Either a reputable online store or somewhere in Cape Town. Thanks
  7. Compton_effect

    Proxy issues on my Galaxy S3

    Strange one - as of this morning - my browser stopped working on my Galaxy. Both Dolphin and the included browser gave the same proxy settings error. So I phoned customer care. A very helpfull young lady there handled my call and had me manually set up a new connection. Interesting thing is -...
  8. C

    Calling all S3 and ICS users!

    I've had my s3 for one week now and must say I impressed each time I use it its almost too good, got so many function, Smart stay and S Voice need some tweaking, heard they are working on an update on that I just have a few problems that I hope you ICS users can help me out with: 1- Play...