1. T

    Video game research in PTA region

    Hi everyone I'm a student and fellow gamer doing my MA in Research Psychology at the University of Pretoria. I'm busy doing research into video gaming and visual selective attention. I'm looking for gamers in the Pretoria region between the ages of 18 and 26 who would be willing to take part...
  2. A

    Torn - Text based RPG (Join me)

    Hey hey I fairly recently started playing this Text based RPG called Torn (previously Torn City) and its easily the most addictive game I have played in my life. You can check in and level up any where you go and its craze extensive. Check it out at: If you...
  3. E

    Recommended price for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 ti (OEM)

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  4. Kevin Lancaster

    What your gaming name says about your personality

    What your gaming name says about your personality People online often live behind a veil of anonymity – and video gamers are no exception.
  5. T too Expensive...

    Hey all, just like to know if any of you buy pc stuff from wantitall and why would you do such thing??? I just checked out some gaming stuff and boy they are WAY WAY WAY over priced. Yes I know they import from the US ect but that's no excuse. Just to give you an idea how expensive they really...
  6. T

    Looking to buy a 27" monitor!

    I've been searching the online stores of South Africa and Takealot's Unboxed deals look amazing. Would you recommend an unboxed item or rather buy new for R30%-40% more? Looking at Samsung and LG, maybe AOC and Dell. I will be using it for gaming and web development/programming.
  7. Half_Frog

    PS4 500Gb For Sale

    For Sale Item name - PS4 500 Gb Age and condition: 6 Months Old Great Condition Do you include packaging: No Warranty: Yes - Whats left of it Reason for selling: Unused Price: R3500 Negotiable: Yes Location: Pretoria Shipping or collection: Collection Preferably but shipping can be...
  8. N

    Best FPS Game for Map Editors

    Hi everyone/anyone, I'm wanting to create a vitual gallery for an art project. What I'd like to know is which game I should be looking at? I'd need to be able to stick my own images onto the walls. I've already looked at Quake 3 Arena - does someone have any other game(s) with a better...
  9. InSanity

    Gaming Channel - OPTV

    Hey Guys, So a couple of the guys from this forum have started a gaming channel namely myself, @MalicE , @Saint_Dee , @Snare on a new mobile platform its a really cool little app called tuluntulu our channel is called OP TV (dedicated 24 hour gaming)...
  10. 1

    which OS?

    Hi everyone, I'd like to ask for your help I ordered a PC for video editing and creation and also a bit of gaming, any idea which OS would be best to install? Eg. Windows 10? Windows 8.1? Windows 7? Not sure if hardware matters but the specs are I7 6700k 16GB 2400 MHZ And A MSI R9...