1. Hanno Labuschagne

    New Chinese law limits gaming for kids to 3 hours per week

    New Chinese law limits gaming for kids to 3 hours per week Gaming stocks tumbled in China and Japan as regulators in Beijing cut back the amount of time children can play online in the world’s biggest gaming market. The Hang Seng Tech Index slid as much as 1.5%, led by shares of Bilibili Inc...
  2. S

    Rain routing changes to Middle East servers

    I am wondering why RAIN keeps randomly change their routing to the Middle East server! Now and then I play games like Overwatch or Apex in Middle East servers because they are the closest server to South Africa and usually I have about 160 ping then randomly RAIN does its things and I get 300+...
  3. IcuInDaIcu

    Does the Telkom unrestricted APN work for gaming?

    Hello. This is my first post. I was wondering if anyone here has successfully used Telkom's unrestricted APN for gaming. I'm trying to get SWTOR (an MMO) running on my pc and I've opened the necessary ports on my router through port forwarding (they are open according to a port checking app I...
  4. Jan

    Chinese state media declares games spiritual opium - Tencent, Naspers, Prosus share price plummets

    Naspers hammered as China declares games "spiritual opium" Tencent Holdings Ltd. led a stocks rout after Chinese state media decried the “spiritual opium” of games, prompting the company to broach a ban for kids and triggering fears Beijing will set its sights next on the world’s largest gaming...
  5. D

    Which VPN are you using? What's the pricing?

    Hi guys I am looking to get a VPN to use for gaming, streaming region-locked stuff etc. Just wanted to know if you can suggest any. If you are using a VPN for gaming. What ping do you get for gaming? Which games do you play? Please drop your stats and advice
  6. Xander8807

    Coolermaster Masterfan MF122R RGB (LED Ring Design) x4 + 3 way Splitter and Control Box

    Hey Guys The fans are immaculate condition, no bearing noise at all, still balanced perfectly. All LEDs working 100%. Item: CM Masterfan MF122R RGB (4 Fans), 3 Way Fan power splitter, Control box powered by Molex Connector. Age: seems to be quite new, lets say under a year. Price: On hold till...
  7. TheEntity

    Idle Observatory - Open Beta Android Idle Game

    Hi all. Not sure if this should be in Gaming, Android or here, but this seemed best. Long time lurker here thought I would share my first dabble in Android app/game making for you all. Idle Observatory (Idle Obs) The idle game where discovering the secrets of the universe pays! It's a...
  8. Xander8807

    Alienware 17R5 Perfect Condition w Warantee 2022+Vindicator Bag+Fanpad

    So gauging a feeler here, would wanna move over to the Desktop Platform. Have my Precious Lappy to swop for similar value/similar generation specced machine. The offer does not have to include a Screen in the bundle, but will be most appreciated as i will look at the current 2nd hand value of...
  9. Anunnaki-11

    Classic Arcade and e-Sports

    I’ve been a gamer from the tender age of six years old, and I never imagined that there would be such a thing as e-sports. Now that we are in that error wherein gaming is a serious thing, I have just a few concerns, especially with the S.A scene. There isn’t as much promotion, exposure and/or...
  10. dawidmsnyders

    Nvidia having a strong 2021 despite chip shortages

    Nvidia having a strong 2021 despite chip shortages Nvidia Corp., the largest U.S. chipmaker by market value, gave a bullish forecast on demand for chips used in gaming PCs, data centers and cryptocurrency mining. Revenue in the current quarter will be about $6.3 billion, plus or minus 2%, the...
  11. R

    Which is the best Mobile ISP?

    Guys and gals, I'd like to know which is the best Mobile ISP for gaming. One important requirement is that it must allow port forwarding, as I plan to use it for gaming through a Direct IP connecion using Radmin VPN. And to clarify what I mean by "best", I mean which mobile ISP provides the...
  12. PrimeSteak

    CSGO matchmaking region problems

    Does anyone know how to change your matchmaking region in CSGO? Every time nowadays if I play casual or anything else really, I get sent to European servers and I get high ping, rubberbanding, etc (you know the drill). So I want to set the region or server I guess, back to JHB/South African...
  13. W

    Latency - AfriHost DSL - Dota 2 SA server

    Hope you okes can help. About a month ago I've seen a hectic increase in latency to the Dota SA servers. Instead of the normal 50 to 60ms we would normally experience on the 10Mbps line, it increased to 350ms. The EU West servers give me better response times on the ADSL. I tethered with my...
  14. cholaquepita

    Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard

    Item: Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard Age: 3 or 4 years Price: R350 Warranty: No Packaging: No Condition: Excellent Location: JHB Sandton Reason: Not using it anymore Shipping: If you organize Collection: Yes please
  15. PrimeSteak

    The Game Recommendation Thread

    Hey guys, feel free to use this thread to recommend some of your favourite games to random people on the internet. lol I'll start: Yakuza 0 Not For Broadcast Suzerain Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Kind Regards PrimeSteak
  16. N

    Sixth gen motherboard for 16gb ddr4 2666mhz ram

    Item name: MSI h110m sixth-gen board supports both 6th and 7th gen cpus Age and condition: excellent. includes backplate Do you include packaging: Yes, not original but will be very safe Warranty: NO... working perfectly Reason for selling: need more ram for my pc. 8gb is not cutting it...
  17. N

    i5 6th gen cheap wanted durban area please

    I am looking for these cpus... i3 6100 i5, 6400, 6500, 6600, 6600k for a reasonable price. Durban area please.
  18. J

    Open-world games to lose yourself in this holiday

    Open-world games to lose yourself in this holiday In 2020 there are numerous great games across various genres which offer expansive game worlds and take a non-linear approach to their story-telling. From epic fantasy tales in medieval environments to lasers and space flight in sci-fi...
  19. J

    What music South African gamers listen to when they play

    What music South African gamers listen to when they play Music is one of the key components of a good video game, but there are many scenarios where you may want to listen to your own music instead. Luckily, gaming consoles are equipped with Spotify and other music streaming apps to enable...
  20. C

    Roccat Kain 120 Aimo - R699

    Item: Roccat Kain 120 Aimo Age: 1 week Price: Warranty: No Packaging: Original Condition: Excellent Location: Durban Reason: Not needed Shipping: Yes Collection: Yes Link: Roccat