1. F

    Best budget 4k TV for gaming

    Hey Guys. Im in the market for a new TV. I am looking for a 65inch 4K TV. I game on an Xbox One and would like to find out what the best TV for gaming would be. I have a budget of 10k or under. I have been looking at the Hisense 65B7100UW. Anyone know if this is good for gaming as well as...
  2. saul berenson

    I started a youtube channel

    Hey Peeps. i finally started a youtube channel today. I would really appreciate any support or advice. If possible drop that subscribe.
  3. C

    Torx T8 screw purchase

    Good day all I am looking for this specific screw can be a Philips head as well. However needs to be the same size this is for a Xbox 360 controller Size:9.2mm x 4mm x 2mm (Length x Head Diameter x Width) Compatible Models: For Xbox 360 Controller can anyone in Cape Town tell me where i...
  4. DreKen

    Delivery/Purchase of Consoles on Level 4

    I recently bought a console online during lockdown hoping it could be delivered on level 4 , well that went badly. Is there chance that some large retailers will sell these consoles?
  5. S

    Looking for good South African based players wanting to team up & enjoying Warzone

    Looking for good South African based players wanting to team up & enjoying Warzone Hi Iam looking for good South African based players playing and enjoying Warzone, ( indoors gaming because of a global pandemic of course ;) Requirements : - Your Warzone level must be above 100 preferred 155...
  6. Z

    Anyone who knows a guy/girl who can rgh a xbox 360 console around gauteng?

    Good afternoon everyone, I haven't played my xbox for some time now and games are somewhat expensive, so I am thinking of modifying it. Might you perhaps know anyone who can modify it?
  7. J


    Wanted Template Item wanted (be very descriptive): FIFA20 - PS4 Is packaging essential?: Yes Desired age and condition: Don't care Location: Alberton Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes -as long as I can get before Thursday Please PM if you have a copy - I need a disc version please
  8. B

    Netwooki is a South African "Teamfinder" website, and I'd love you to all try it!

    Hello everyone, I've developed a South African "teamfinder" website called Netwooki. Basically the site serves as a platform for gamers to connect and play together, form parties, join teams, build clans, manage your MGOs etc. There's no catch and the website is absolutely free. Netwooki...
  9. K

    Help with budget gaming PC build!!!

    Hi guys, I’m very new to the PC scene (looking to switch from console) so I have no idea about the ins and outs and what does what. I’m looking for a budget gaming PC that I can also do everyday things on such as work and studying etc. My main concern is performance though, I’d love if it could...
  10. M

    Gigabyte P34G i7 Laptop For Sale

    Item name (be very descriptive): Gigabyte P34 Laptop with Laptop Stand 14 inch Full HD Display i7 4700HQ CPU Gtx 760m + Intel HD4600 graphics 8gb ddr3 1600mhz ram 500gb hdd (has msata slot for msata ssd) Backlit keyboard Authentic windows 10 Recently cleaned fans and applied new thermal...
  11. P

    Troubleshooting crashing PC

    Greetings, newbie here About two months back I built my own budget PC. All my parts are new except the GPU. After struggling a bit to get everything to work correctly my PC started crashing after a few minutes of gaming. The crash is the loss of any video output and it appears that whatever was...
  12. J

    Gaming Laptop With A RTX 2080

    Item wanted (be very descriptive): Gaming Laptop With A RTX 2080 Is packaging essential?: No Desired age and condition: As new as possible Location: Alberton/Illovo Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes Please drop me a PM with the make/model and specs
  13. J

    [S] MSI GE 75 Raider with a sweet RTX 2070

    Item name: MSI GE 75 Raider 8SF Age and condition: Just gone 6 months - excellent condition Do you include packaging: Yes - original retail packaging Warranty: Yes - remainder with Evetech. Original PoP available Reason for selling: Alienware upgrade Price: R26500 Location: Alberton / Illovo...
  14. Savy561

    Ps4 console black friday specials

    I'm looking to buy a ps4 console on black friday. For those who bought a ps4 last year black friday, what was the average pricing for a ps4 slim or ps4 pro?
  15. P

    22 (Old) PC Games - Sale

    Age and condition: +/- 12-17 years, good condition Packaging: Some games are in their original packaging and some games are stored in a CD folder (and the serial keys required for some of those discs are on a piece of paper inside the CD folder) Reason for selling: I need the money Price: R350...
  16. actuallychad

    Volunteers needed for esports study

    Hi everyone, for the last year or so I've been conducting a research study at the University of Cape Town looking at sleep patterns, health and cognitive performance in competitive computer gamers. I've since recruited 28 gamers but need an additional 7 gamers to strengthen my data. If there are...
  17. cyberghost47

    Laptop Insurance - advice needed

    Hi guys. I purchased a gaming laptop yesterday as I plan on traveling next year. Since these things don't come cheap I want to insure it in case something happens. I don't currently have ANY form of insurance whatsoever so I can't just "Add" it to my home insurance. Any advice would be...
  18. G

    What type of tv do I buy for next gen consoles?

    This might be a very stupid question:notworthy:, but my current tv won't be up-to-standard with the next gen of Xbox. I am currently gaming on my Xbox One, on a normal tv that supports HDMI. Ideally I'd like a smart tv, with epic graphics that my next gen console will thrive on. I did a little...
  19. shanezn

    Brand New HP Omen i7

    Item: HP Omen 17 -an105ni Specs: 8th Gen Core i7 (Octacore) 8750H 2.2Ghz, 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD, 16GB RAM, Bang & Olufsen Speakers, NVIDIA GTX Graphics, 17” display. Age: Brand New - Unused Price: R23,000 Warranty: Yes, with HP Packaging: Yes Condition: New Location: Umhlanga, Durban Reason: Won...
  20. No Chill

    Alternative to Hamachi for Virtual LAN gaming?

    Hamachi does not seem to connect directly to each other, it routes through a server in london causing any games to have 300+ms ping. Either there is a setting I am missing or no actual solution. What I want to do is make my PC the host for the server and have friends connect to it and play LAN...