1. P

    Troubleshooting crashing PC

    Greetings, newbie here About two months back I built my own budget PC. All my parts are new except the GPU. After struggling a bit to get everything to work correctly my PC started crashing after a few minutes of gaming. The crash is the loss of any video output and it appears that whatever was...
  2. J

    Gaming Laptop With A RTX 2080

    Item wanted (be very descriptive): Gaming Laptop With A RTX 2080 Is packaging essential?: No Desired age and condition: As new as possible Location: Alberton/Illovo Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes Please drop me a PM with the make/model and specs
  3. J

    [S] MSI GE 75 Raider with a sweet RTX 2070

    Item name: MSI GE 75 Raider 8SF Age and condition: Just gone 6 months - excellent condition Do you include packaging: Yes - original retail packaging Warranty: Yes - remainder with Evetech. Original PoP available Reason for selling: Alienware upgrade Price: R26500 Location: Alberton / Illovo...
  4. Savy561

    Ps4 console black friday specials

    I'm looking to buy a ps4 console on black friday. For those who bought a ps4 last year black friday, what was the average pricing for a ps4 slim or ps4 pro?
  5. P

    22 (Old) PC Games - Sale

    Age and condition: +/- 12-17 years, good condition Packaging: Some games are in their original packaging and some games are stored in a CD folder (and the serial keys required for some of those discs are on a piece of paper inside the CD folder) Reason for selling: I need the money Price: R350...
  6. actuallychad

    Volunteers needed for esports study

    Hi everyone, for the last year or so I've been conducting a research study at the University of Cape Town looking at sleep patterns, health and cognitive performance in competitive computer gamers. I've since recruited 28 gamers but need an additional 7 gamers to strengthen my data. If there are...
  7. cyberghost47

    Laptop Insurance - advice needed

    Hi guys. I purchased a gaming laptop yesterday as I plan on traveling next year. Since these things don't come cheap I want to insure it in case something happens. I don't currently have ANY form of insurance whatsoever so I can't just "Add" it to my home insurance. Any advice would be...
  8. G

    What type of tv do I buy for next gen consoles?

    This might be a very stupid question:notworthy:, but my current tv won't be up-to-standard with the next gen of Xbox. I am currently gaming on my Xbox One, on a normal tv that supports HDMI. Ideally I'd like a smart tv, with epic graphics that my next gen console will thrive on. I did a little...
  9. shanezn

    Brand New HP Omen i7

    Item: HP Omen 17 -an105ni Specs: 8th Gen Core i7 (Octacore) 8750H 2.2Ghz, 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD, 16GB RAM, Bang & Olufsen Speakers, NVIDIA GTX Graphics, 17” display. Age: Brand New - Unused Price: R23,000 Warranty: Yes, with HP Packaging: Yes Condition: New Location: Umhlanga, Durban Reason: Won...
  10. actuallychad

    Research participants needed for UCT study on sleep & health

    We are looking for individuals willing to volunteer their time toward a novel study at the UCT Division of Exercise & Sports Medicine at the Sports Science Institute in Newlands, Cape Town. The purpose of this study is to characterize and understand the relationship between the health status...
  11. actuallychad

    Research participants needed for UCT sleep and health study

    We are looking for individuals willing to volunteer their time toward a novel study at the UCT Division of Exercise & Sports Medicine at the Sports Science Institute in Newlands, Cape Town. The purpose of this study is to characterize and understand the relationship between the health status...
  12. No Chill

    Alternative to Hamachi for Virtual LAN gaming?

    Hamachi does not seem to connect directly to each other, it routes through a server in london causing any games to have 300+ms ping. Either there is a setting I am missing or no actual solution. What I want to do is make my PC the host for the server and have friends connect to it and play LAN...
  13. J

    They Are Billions - Review

    They Are Billions - Review They Are Billions is a cross between Age of Empires, Call of Duty's Zombie levels, and an apocalyptic steampunk novel. You are tasked with building towns in a land under siege from undead hordes, making farming for food and producing electricity as important as...
  14. RedViking

    Affordable Keyboard - Mechanical or not?

    I have had a Microsoft Keyboard for the last decade. It does the job but it is not nice. Keys are 'sticky' and feels "heavy" when pressing. The letters on the keyboard starts fading etc. etc. I want to get rid of now. Forever. Any replacement suggestions? It doesn't have to be perfect or "the...
  15. actuallychad

    Gaming/Esports Research at UCT: Volunteers still needed

    HOW HEALTHY ARE COMPETITIVE COMPUTER GAMERS? We are looking for 3 gamers interested in taking part in a research study looking at sleep, health and mental performance at UCT To take part you must: Reside in Cape Town Be aged 18 - 30 years Primarily be a computer gamer Play competitive (i.e...
  16. N

    PC build from Scratch - Help

    Hi, Take a look at this build I have selected. I am looking only for advice. I also have a 500GB HDD at home I will have to install manually. I also have a license for Windows 7. I have a 1600x900 20 inch Monitor and I am not upgrading for a while. What do you think? Also, I need a new...
  17. actuallychad

    Volunteers still needed for gaming research

    *We're desperately looking for just 5 more gamers to complete this study! PARTICIPANTS WANTED FOR UCT RESEARCH The aim of this study is to describe and compare the physical health and mental performance of competitive adult computer gamers to non-gamers. Computer gamers residing in Cape Town...
  18. B34ni3boy

    Gaming Laptop urgent advise

    Hey guys i'm looking at purchasing a lenovo y730 gaming laptop. intel 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8750H up to 4.1GHz Processor 9MB Cache, 6x Cores, 12x Threads /. 16GB DDR4 RAM / 256GB Ultra-Fast SSD + 1TB Hard Drive / 17.3" NARROW BEZEL Full HD 1920x1080 Anti-glare 144Hz Refresh Rate With IPS-Level...
  19. N

    Where do you recommend getting a Good quality PC Chair from?

    Good quality for good money - where have you bought PC chairs from? Is there anything anyone recommends?
  20. R

    High Ping(gaming) when users connect to the internet wireless.

    Hi everyone. So i hope i can find someone who can help me, i currently have a 20mb ADSL line , upgraded because there is about 3-6 users connecting to the router via phone on wireless to the router. When i'm gaming and no one is connected, my ping is in the 200 range, but when they connect on...