1. C

    Roccat Kain 120 Aimo - R699

    Item: Roccat Kain 120 Aimo Age: 1 week Price: Warranty: No Packaging: Original Condition: Excellent Location: Durban Reason: Not needed Shipping: Yes Collection: Yes Link: Roccat
  2. E

    Ps5 pre order rush

    Hi guys I know its of no real importance but im going to ask it anyway...I managed to get my pre order in for the second wave of pre orders.I was wondering say now there is one console left and im already past checkout on the payment screen.does the system hold that system for a few seconds or...
  3. B

    Ps5 Pre-orders South Africa

    After the ps5 selling out everywhere in RSA, and with Playstation saying there will be more stock made available to retailers, when will it be possible to pre order one again?
  4. J

    [S] Alienware M17 with RTX 2070 - excellent price

    Item name (be very descriptive): Alienware M17 with RTX 2070 Age and condition: +- 8 months, excellent condition Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes Reason for selling: Upgraded to RTX 2080 laptop Price: R30k neg Negotiable: Yes Location: Alberton Shipping or collection: Both...
  5. G

    Opinions on WootBook Gaming Laptops?

    I'm looking to buy a gaming laptop (for work too), however my budget isn't the heftiest (I would say max 24k). Came across this laptop and did some research into it, as well as watched a few reviews on YouTube for the same model kind and I'm pretty much sold, but wanted to get some opinions of...
  6. J

    How to save money on video games in South Africa

    How to save money on video games in South Africa Video games have risen in price in recent times due in large part to the long-term decline of the South African rand. This has resulted in prices in excess of R1,000 becoming common for major video game titles.
  7. E

    Ps5 pre order

    Hi guys im very interested in getting a ps5 even pre ordering it.I know we dont even have a price or release date yet but at the time when the ps4 released was it available to be pre ordered from places like takealot?
  8. AVermeulen

    [Market Research] Gaming Dioramas and Shadow Boxes

    Hi, it's me again. So the geek culture apparel I wanted to try out was a complete failure. So want to try this idea next. Would any of you be interested in these type of dioramas and shadow boxes? Instead of it just being cardboard cutouts, I want to cast the cubes in resin. Same with...
  9. Canan

    ATLAS - Sea Plague Pirates are Recruiting for PVP EU Shark's Frenzy

    We also do custom in-game Sails for all members!:
  10. AVermeulen

    [Market Research] Gaming/Geek Culture Apparel and Accessories

    Hi Everyone I maybe want to start a Gaming/Geek Culture apparel business, but before I invest in equipment and stock, I would like your feedback on this. Would any of you be interested in something like this? If so, if it's not too much to ask, could you please follow my Instagram page...
  11. F

    Best budget 4k TV for gaming

    Hey Guys. Im in the market for a new TV. I am looking for a 65inch 4K TV. I game on an Xbox One and would like to find out what the best TV for gaming would be. I have a budget of 10k or under. I have been looking at the Hisense 65B7100UW. Anyone know if this is good for gaming as well as...
  12. saul berenson

    I started a youtube channel

    Hey Peeps. i finally started a youtube channel today. I would really appreciate any support or advice. If possible drop that subscribe.
  13. C

    Torx T8 screw purchase

    Good day all I am looking for this specific screw can be a Philips head as well. However needs to be the same size this is for a Xbox 360 controller Size:9.2mm x 4mm x 2mm (Length x Head Diameter x Width) Compatible Models: For Xbox 360 Controller can anyone in Cape Town tell me where i...
  14. DreKen

    Delivery/Purchase of Consoles on Level 4

    I recently bought a console online during lockdown hoping it could be delivered on level 4 , well that went badly. Is there chance that some large retailers will sell these consoles?
  15. S

    Looking for good South African based players wanting to team up & enjoying Warzone

    Looking for good South African based players wanting to team up & enjoying Warzone Hi Iam looking for good South African based players playing and enjoying Warzone, ( indoors gaming because of a global pandemic of course ;) Requirements : - Your Warzone level must be above 100 preferred 155...
  16. Z

    Anyone who knows a guy/girl who can rgh a xbox 360 console around gauteng?

    Good afternoon everyone, I haven't played my xbox for some time now and games are somewhat expensive, so I am thinking of modifying it. Might you perhaps know anyone who can modify it?
  17. J


    Wanted Template Item wanted (be very descriptive): FIFA20 - PS4 Is packaging essential?: Yes Desired age and condition: Don't care Location: Alberton Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes -as long as I can get before Thursday Please PM if you have a copy - I need a disc version please
  18. B

    Netwooki is a South African "Teamfinder" website, and I'd love you to all try it!

    Hello everyone, I've developed a South African "teamfinder" website called Netwooki. Basically the site serves as a platform for gamers to connect and play together, form parties, join teams, build clans, manage your MGOs etc. There's no catch and the website is absolutely free. Netwooki...
  19. K

    Help with budget gaming PC build!!!

    Hi guys, I’m very new to the PC scene (looking to switch from console) so I have no idea about the ins and outs and what does what. I’m looking for a budget gaming PC that I can also do everyday things on such as work and studying etc. My main concern is performance though, I’d love if it could...
  20. M

    Gigabyte P34G i7 Laptop For Sale

    Item name (be very descriptive): Gigabyte P34 Laptop with Laptop Stand 14 inch Full HD Display i7 4700HQ CPU Gtx 760m + Intel HD4600 graphics 8gb ddr3 1600mhz ram 500gb hdd (has msata slot for msata ssd) Backlit keyboard Authentic windows 10 Recently cleaned fans and applied new thermal...