1. V

    Problem with Corsa Utility bakkie gear selector

    Hi guys, first time poster My corsa bakkie 1.4 2001 developed an issue two days ago where at first it would struggle to get into first gear ( wouldn't engage and would not deliver power unless i put it into the reverse position by lifting up the tab) and now is stuck in reverse with the gear...
  2. jostian

    SOLD Samsung Gear 360 camera

    Item name: Samsung Gear 360 camera Age and condition: , as new, few weeks old, but only 'played' with a tiny bit, best used with a Samsung phone. Pristine, enjoy 180 or 360 degree photos and videos, splash & dust proof. Very compact, will throw in this tripod (see photos), brand new, (never...
  3. S

    [Sale]Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Sealed

    Item name (be very descriptive): Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Age and condition: Brand new, sealed Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes Reason for selling: Not needed. Price: R4,500. FNB customers preferred. Negotiable: As long as you don't low-ball we can talk Location...
  4. Z

    Gadget Review YouTube Channel with Giveaways

    Good day All, I have been importing for over 10 years and would like to share the wisdom I have learnt. The aim is to also start a YouTube channel in SA, review gadgets, giveaway free stuff, Coupons for items available on GearBest and teach people how to import into SA and I can import for them...
  5. OnlyOneKenobi

    Renting lenses and camera gear?

    Hi all, Any recommendations for places \ shops \ websites to rent lenses and accessories from at a good price? In the Pretoria-Jhb area? I've seen a couple of websites and I'm tempted to try out renting equipment rather than selling major organs to buy new gear. I would probably try out a...
  6. IridiuM

    Samsung Gear S3

    Ok, so I bought the Gear S3 based off all the hype. Guess what? It's heart rate monitor doesn't work on tattooed arms.:twisted: I have two full sleeves so I can even find an alternate place for it. Why on earth would Samsung use green light reflective technology to measure heart rate and in...
  7. NeonNinja

    Gear or neutral at park?

    So my dad's always inculcated that car facing uphill, leave in gear 1. Facing downhill, reverse. Never did this for 4 years. Is it a precaution should handbrake fail?
  8. Nimz

    [S] Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch - R1600

    Item: Samsung Gear 2, Black Age: About a Year Warranty: not sure Packaging: Complete in box Condition: Excellent (No scratches or dents) Location: Durban Reason: Bought a Moto 360 Shipping: On you Collection: Sure Price: R1600 not neg
  9. M

    Samsung Gear Fit won’t be running Tizen or Android

  10. RazedInBlack

    MGS V: Ground Zeroes . . . The Phantom Pain

    So whos playing Ground Zeroes? Is it worth buying? I'm a big MGS fan so I'm seriously thinking of getting Ground Zeroes and Hedio Kojima never dissapoints.
  11. prodigyX

    A Different January 2014 Galaxy Gear Review

    Hi guys, I've just started a blog and my first article / review is about the Galaxy Gear and how it isn't as bad as initial reviews made it out to be when it launched in October, 2013. Give it a read if you're interested :)...
  12. S

    Second Hand Photography Gear?

    I am purchasing my first SLR soon and was wondering if I should buy all new, or just get the body new and get some second hand lenses, bags, SD Cards etc.? What do you guys think about this? And what is the usual mark-down on second hand photography goods? And is there anywhere special to look...
  13. R

    Characters ready for raiding?

    Hi All Since before I had battleping, I only ever got a ping of about 700ms, which I reckon would not have been quick enough to do the bigger 10 man or even 25 man raids (so I never bothered to do any of them). Since we moved, and battleping has shown up, I get around 250 - 300ms ping...
  14. M

    World's First Controllable Molecular Gear At Nanoscale Created