1. N

    New and recent A class owners

    I would like to ask new and recent A class owners how have your ride been so far? Models: A200 BE A250 Sport A 200 CDI A220 CDI BE A45 AMG 4MATIC Please post your experiences here! Where did you get the best service?
  2. M

    Nexus 7 (2013/2012) and Orange ZA - is it Legit?

    Hello there. So for the past few days I've been scratching around for the best Google Nexus 7 deal (PREPAID, NO CONTRACT RUBBISH) available to us humble South Africans (preferably the 2013 WIFI edition, don't care about 3g/LTE :) ). So, in terms of the 2012 edition I can get order one from...
  3. W

    WebAfrica Titan Account flying...

    Ok, so I have bitched about the poor connection of late, now I have to compliment WebAfrica. All of my Titan accounts are providing brilliant connectivity as it was in the past; I can now view & again. Brilliant, please keep it...
  4. C

    I need some info and a review - VOIP and Pulse Telecom

    Hi. My name is Totsi Cardasian and was recently relocated from Soweto to Detroit, USA. I was with Vodacom in South Africa and now I'm looking for a long distance provider to call back home from USA to Soauth Africa and to call several countries in Europe. Someone told me to to sign up with Pulse...
  5. D

    A Good Gaming Box??

    YO :) Does any1 know a good (and goodlooking) gaming box for a not over R600 price??? And maby add a pic if possible.... :P
  6. Rouxenator

    Amobia listens to customers.

    After reading the article about ADSL price drops I wrote a mail to my Amobia (my WISP) and they actually responded. I wrote : They actually responded and gave me 1GB extra on my monthy cap for September : I hope their prices drop soon, but in the meantime it is nice to have an ISP...
  7. CrzWaco

    Good vs Evil

    So do you play a good or evil character? Last time I tried playing a evil character was in Fable and I sucked at it, tried again with mass effect but it just did not feel right. Even with Fallout 3 I had godly karma. Same with Baldur's gate was lawfully good.
  8. V

    *READ FIRST* Vodacom Problems: Slow Throughput, Trying to Connect, DNS, High Latency

    Vodacom Problems: Slow Throughput, Trying to Connect, DNS, High Latency Reporting Issues For reporting issues to Vodacom Support: 1) Call (082)155 (Free from a Vodacom SIM) 2) Mail Customer Care on 3) Read the FAQ in this forum. 4) Use the SelfHelp facility. 5)...
  9. S

    Is a 12% increase in salary good or not?

    I'm not one to be bothered by figures and stuff :p But was wondering if that's a good or bad figure? Last year was 10% iirc. I don't know what the general consensus is for annual increases or perhaps what the baseline increment is for increases in general in the country. Been thinking...
  10. Rouxenator

    Love or hate it : iPhone is a good thing

    Yes, I know that regular readers of this forum will know that I am not the world biggest Apple fan. And no, I am not drunk nor crazy, but I think that it is time people give credit where it is due. Whether you love the Iphone or hate it - the truth is that it has done the mobile industry the...