1. P

    Kiklo / Greencom = run for your life!!!

    I would just like to share my experience with everyone. We recently had MetroFibre Networx install fiber in our complex. They only give you 2 choices as an ISP/re-seller: GreenCom or Kiklo. GreenCom had no communication or transparency with us for 3 months, so I moved to Kiklo, as they showed...
  2. S

    Greencom/Telkom email interface

    Can anyone help. I have moved to a complex that has Greencom fibre. I also have a stand alone email address of long standing. No matter what we try I cannot send emails using this address from Outlook 2016/ Windows 10 but am able receive. Greencom has no smtp which suspect is part of the...
  3. H

    Fibre in Noordwyk, Midrand

    Hey Guys They are busy laying down Fibre lines along Liebenberg road, does anyone know if these will be for FTTH or purely for business use, its a very residential area so I could only imagine FTTH but through which ISP and who do I need to bribe to make it happen. Thanks
  4. Tim_vb

    Greencom / Metrofibre instability

    Is anyone else experiencing intermittent instability with Greencom? Yesterday I couldn't play Vimo videos smoothly and tonight I could hardly use gmail. is either returning a connectivity error or giving me 0.5mbps when it does work and not failing every second time :mad:
  5. Emjay

    FTTH - Greencom in Douglasdale

    I have noticed the first signs of a fibre rollout in Douglasdale. Is this you guys? Can you confirm with timelines for expected completion? I noticed on your website Douglasdale is scheduled for the first quarter of 2016. Thanks.
  6. T

    FTTH over Dark Fibre Africa's backbone

    Hello, which ISP's provide internet over DFA's "backbone". There is a live network in Rustenburg, but no ISP is here yet. Whats going on? What must happen for an ISP to provide internet services?
  7. T

    Greencom vs 123NET vs InfinityFibre

    Hello, I want to know which company will roll out the fastest to our city (Rustenburg) and how many sign-ups they need. Thanks