guild wars 2

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    Looking For South African guild / players

    Hi all There doesnt seem like much going on with regards to GW2 from a South African community. I wanted to check if there is a South african Guild that I could join or a guild with a few South Africans playing Im fairly new (from Wow) and would love to join up and learn the game
  2. M

    Guild Wars 2 on special

    Guild Wars 2 is currently on special for $10 (75% off normal price)
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    Southern Legion [ZA], Event Run Video's, Gangnam Style & Plush Griffon Tonic Run ;)

    Hey all, Southern Legion [ZA] did some events on Friday 25 Janaury 2013 below are 2 videos what we did ;) Gangnam Style Dance: Plush Griffon Tonic Run: If you interested in joining our Guild Wars 2...
  4. Marz

    Sorted Gaming Guild

    Hi guys Just wanted to let you know about one of the All round gaming guilds available on Guild Wars 2 With a 7 year history ; Sorted guild has stomped its authority into the worlds' of gaming. Through a close knit, humours yet serious group of core gamers our guild has achieved many world...
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    Trouble connecting to Guild Wars 2

    Hi everyone, I've been having some trouble trying to connect to Guild Wars 2 lately. I successfully connected to and played the game during the last Beta Weekend a few weeks ago, but during the last 2 stress tests that the game has run, I have been unable to connect (it could have started...
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    Guild Wars 2 South Africa - Launch competition details...

    Guild Wars 2 South Africa has launched a series of three competitions all rewarding you the community for your continued support. The prizes up for grabs are Standard Editions of Guild Wars 2, Gems and a Grand Prize of one Guild Wars 2 Collectors Edition. Here are the details: So get...
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    Wag Vir Ons [PING] Members List on BWE3 :) Guild Wars 2 SA Guild.

    Wag Vir Ons [PING] Sunday 9PM with 64 Members for BWE3 :) Thanks for everyone who supported us, and hope we see you guys on release! Website: Facebook:
  8. B

    Iniuria - Guild Wars 2 SA guild

    Southern Legion [ZA] - Largest South African Guild Wars 2 Guild - Aurora Glade Type: Social Group Guild, PVP/PVE/WvWvW Website: Facebook: Server: Aurora Glade For Guild Invites: Bushbaby - BosBaBa.3286 | Shirou -...
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    Guild Wars 2 System Requirements released

    The Minimum System Requirements have been announce, though Anet also say they may change. Good to see that older machines are supported. 25GB of hard disk space! Though I doubt that will be requried for the release, they are probably just covering themselves for the future in some way. Not...
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    Guild Wars 2 Pre-Purchase! 10 April 2012

    10 April has been announced when pre-purchase will be begin. Seems a lot of people are unhappy on GW2Guru about there being pre-purchase without an actual release date yet. I would agree that there should be a release date first, though it is not going to stop me from ordering anyway, and...
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    New Guild Wars 2 official vid

    New vid the recently brought out. All I can say is, THIS IS SOOOOO AWESOME!
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    GW2 Fifth Profession Announcement

    Seems the 5th Profession announcement for GW2 will be on the 27th of Jan. has confirimed though it will be a "Guardian". Within 5 hours of the announcement there was about 30 pages already of hype on Guild wars 2 Guru. :-) Here is the confirmation...
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    BEST Guild Wars 2 video demo

    I have seen a ton of vids for GW2, and of them, I think this series is the best when it comes to showing what GW2 will be like. IF you don't want to listen to all the initial commentary, then jump to the 5 minute mark of the first vid. After the first one, the 2nd and 3rd video's automatically...