1. RedViking

    Hate and Attacks towards Mybroadband News and Journalists

    Personal Opinion Lately there has been a lot of hate and 'attacks' towards specifically Mybroadband News division and the Journalists and this comes from forum members who have been here for a long time and the newbies who quack after them like ducks. There are ways to discuss articles and...
  2. L

    Hate of Indian & Hindu Community: Hindu Maha Sabha Press Release

    Hate of Indian & Hindu Community: Hindu Maha Sabha Press Release: Sent to: • SA Human Rights Commission • Commission for rights of Cultural, Religious & Linguistic Communities (CRL Commission) • Special Commission on Social Cohesion • African National Congress • Democratic Alliance • IFP...
  3. Lycanthrope

    How not to react when your child tells you that he's gay

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1df_i26wh-w&feature=youtu.be *sigh* Courtesy of Reddit. There's also a gofundme page out there to support him.
  4. G

    Evoking Emotion :cry:

    So I am watching the newest Top Gear Special and Jeremy plays James a song, I look over at my wife and tears are pouring down her face and she's like that's so sad. So I want to know what's your trigger? Do you or your SO have a song or scent or something that just triggers an intense...
  5. Brewmaster

    And people think Bulls supporters are bad?

    so i was on sport24 reading some articles, when i stumbled across a poll that basically asked who you think will be in the super14 final. 53 % Bulls v Stormers okay makes sense, most saffers want an all SA final. 11 % Bulls v Waratahs are yes, some loony bulls supporters who don't understand...
  6. W

    Telkom to WebAfrica transfer problem

    Telkom to ISP transfer problem Slightly off-topic, but I really want to moan a bit. I am trying to get my ADSL line transferred to WebAfrica for their MyBB Complete 7 special, but Telkom says I am still under their 24 month contract. Turns out that they look at my first billing date as the...
  7. Z

    Telkom Local Bandwith, a B1TcH...

    Okay i went a little haywire with the downloads this month and i am pretty sure that i am going to be charged a hell of alot of money for exceeding my 30GB free local. I used 94.6477 GB Local internet (this happened cause i left my house for a week and telkom decided i can have a fst...
  8. D

    Anyone else out there that hates soup?

    Cannot stomach the stuff - it looks like swine-slop! I was very surprised at other peoples reactions to my undying hate for the pigswill :o Surely there must be others out there that cannot stand soup!?
  9. D

    Telkom hate again :(

    :mad: I recently moved to Green point in Cape Town, and ordered my line 8 weeks in advance, and, Great success! They installed it basically on the day I moved in. It worked, for about 24 hours. Then since then, nothing. The voice line has been completely dead, the ADSL drops every minute...
  10. PseudZ

    *READ FIRST* MTN Network Status & Issues (DNS, Throughput and Latency)

    Since the begining of the year i have had connection problems with mtn connecting to EDGE or 3G on my cell phone... Countless times i have complained to MTN and a technician was sent to my house to test the signal. According to him the signal is fine which it does seem to be. I get 3G in most...
  11. R

    I hate these types of people

    i hate these ppl who say "im so excited" or "im so unhappy"...etc and then u go all polite-like "y?" acting interested...and then they say "i cant tell u" !!! i mean wtf then y bring it up in the first place????? dont talk to me if u gonna say things like that it just p!sses me off :mad: