1. Pegasus

    Adult film star Ron Jeremy has been charged with 20 new counts of rape or sexual assault...

    LOS ANGELES -- Adult film star Ron Jeremy was charged Monday with 20 new counts of rape or sexual assault involving 12 women and a teenage girl, authorities said. The charges came two months after the 67-year-old Jeremy was charged with the rape of three women and the sexual assault of a...
  2. V

    PVP Dayz Epoch server looking for active players to join

    server IP : server webpage: http://rip-platoon.enjin.com/home
  3. A

    HTC Hero ROMs

    Not sure if this link has been posted before ... lots of ROMs for the Hero http://hero-roms.blogspot.com/
  4. D

    HTC Hero upgrade

    I just want to find out... how can we, here in SA get our Hero's to android 2.0 or 2.1. It seems that South Africans are clueless and our network operators, well.... what can I say! I read that HTC Hero Sprint got the update yesterday, May 20? Can we download that update, will it work? How long...
  5. H

    HTC Hero - upgrade - beware prospective buyers of the new Desire or Legend

    The HTC Hero upgrade to 2.1 has been delayed again... Europe is now told to expect this upgrade in June after it had been slated for 16th April... Africa was unofficially slated for today, 22nd April guess not though and HTC are completely uncommunicative. It seems incredible that it takes this...
  6. S

    MTN MMS on Android phone

    Hi guys, I have an HTC Hero running Android 2.1. I am using Cyanogen's APN list, and have confirmed my settings with a work colleague's G1 + Cyanogen ROM + MTN (they are identical). I have called 1555 and asked them to provision me for MMS, and I have dialled *123*12# and provisioned myself...
  7. S

    Guitar Hero

    How good are you? :D Struggling with a few solo's on GH - Metallica Namely Am I Evil All Nightmare Long (I only play on Expert :p )
  8. M

    'Spider-Man' lizard soars due to uncanny resemblance to Marvel comic hero

  9. L

    Mandela, The Sensitive Leader

    Source: BBC News I thought I'd share this article since it made me smile. I think that Mandela is one of the greatest men that ever lived. I can't help but feel as though the current government is making a mockery of what he fought for... *shrug*