high ping

  1. Dian Bosman

    Highlands Computers Provide Terrible Wifi

    We are currently paying for a 6mb line as far as I am aware of. We are getting very high latency that spikes too much and low speeds. How can we solve this https://speedtest.mybroadband.co.za/result/10085261 . Going to GIG Technologies is not an option. I just want to fix the high ping especially.
  2. Loppas

    Cell C on Fibre in Cape Town. How is your experience?

    Hi, I have a friend who is on the 20/20 cell c fibre package through vumatel and his experience has been pretty awful for the most part. Main issues: 1. He stays in cpt but he gets 40ms to cpt and he gets 178ms to london. However, to joburg his ping sits in the 20s which is normal. Its...
  3. C

    Need help interpreting traceroute

    For the past 1-2 weeks I've been getting increased latency between 7pm-11pm. It goes up about 50ms but my speed reamins the same. This applies to all located servers. It affects games and internet browsing. I need help reading my trace route to determine if its my exchange that is congested...
  4. S

    High ping - Internet Solutions

    About 2 days ago my international pings have changed. I went from having a constant 170 ms and now it's around a constant 197 ms. Has anyone heard anything or is having the same trouble I'm having? I have a 10mb line with Internet Solutions and my local pings are fine, just my international...
  5. C

    Ping to US and EU servers above 850. In Diablo 3 constantly above 900?

    Has anyone else been having this problem? It's been going on for over a week and just gets worse. I'm on uncapped 2mbps. I called Telkom and they reset my line...didn't do anything. I called again today, and the guy said they are working on the problem, there must be an issue with the servers...
  6. T

    Duality in ping to same server.

    Good evening, I have a 4mb capped line, with Telkom, and I frequently play online games. One of these games would be League of Legends. The IP of the server I play on is I did a tracert to the server to see if there was any weird things going on in between the path...
  7. N

    My 384 is man down?

    Since monday? My speeds have been so bad to the point where it just frustrates me to even try and load anything.:mad: Basically im having very unstable high pings spiking from 250-1000ms and the spiking is also very fast making it impossible to play any form of game. I'd just like to know...
  8. S

    Can anyone tell me what might be the cause here?

    So I was gaming along fine untill about 10 minutes ago, when I noticed dreadful lag. I'm on 4mb webafrica 25GB. Traceroute returned this: Tracing route to www.telkom.co.za [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms routerlogin [] 2 482 ms 464...
  9. C

    Insane pings

    My problem is as follows: I had my adsl line (from axxess) activated at the beginning of August. I had an axxxess adsl account but at the end of the month I switched over to PCformat live (still keeping the axxess 1mb adsl line). As far as I can remeber I had the same ping problems with axxess...
  10. T

    Battlefield 2 Servers?

    Hi there Can anyone suggest some good servers? I'm on Mweb and the ones I've tried have high ping. I can't get one (thats populated) with less than 200ms :S I've used Xfire and HLSW to get servers... and the Mweb one on mweb.co.za/gamezone never has any players.... Thanks :)
  11. C

    Extremly slow adsl uncapped speeds with mweb, please advise me

    Hi Guys, I need some urgent help. I am residing in mowbray and lagging out of every game I play (warcraft 3 Dota Mainly) on the local server (twilight server), cannot open my gmail at times and my ping get insane at night and sometimes during the day. I joined up with mweb 1 month ago and...