1. Ivan Leon

    We The Crash Test Dummies - Indian Vehicle Safety Standards reduced

    The government is trying to water down the safety standards for cars to suit Indian carmakers and Indian conditions. A close examination of the BN VSAP—or Bharat New Vehicle Safety Assessment Programme—reveals that the specifications of many safety standards, including crash tests, have been...
  2. Ivan Leon

    Datsun GO+ : Official Review

    The Datsun GO+ has been launched in India at a price of between Rs. 3.80 - 4.61 lakhs (ex-Delhi). What you'll like: • Neutral, inoffensive styling that will please all & offend none. Rear doesn't look like an afterthought • Practicality of a station wagon at the price & size of a B2...
  3. Ivan Leon

    Tata Bolt vs Maruti Suzuki Swift – Shootout

    Since its launch in 2005, the Maruti Suzuki Swift has pretty much dominated the hatchback segment and although many cars have come to challenge the supremacy of the Japanese vehicle, few have given it sleepless nights. A car which we think can give the Swift a run for its money is finally...
  4. Ivan Leon

    The 230 HP Tata 'Super Nano' Is The Craziest Indian Car Ever

    The standard Tata Nano has a 624 cc two-cylinder producing 37 horsepower. JA Motorsport felt that's not enough, so they jammed a 230 hp 1.3 turbo in it that revs way above 10,000rpm. Carlo Abarth would certainly approve of India's latest tuner car. The Nano's practicality is slightly...
  5. Ivan Leon

    TATA Bolt & Zest Models launched in India - Official Reviews

    The Tata Bolt will be launched in the first quarter of 2015. What you'll like: • Build quality, fit and finish are on par with competitors. Tata has made significant improvements here • Spacious well-designed interiors. A rare hatchback that can seat 5 adults without a fuss • 1.2L...
  6. Ivan Leon

    Ford EcoSport recalled in Australia over wiring defect

    Ford has recalled a total of 2804 EcoSports in Australia over a suspected wiring defect. The issue in question may cause the side airbags to not deploy correctly in the event of an accident. According to the official release published on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission...
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Uber to face investigation over rape of passenger

    Uber to face investigation over rape of passenger Indian police on Sunday arrested an Uber cab driver suspected of raping a female passenger
  8. Ivan Leon

    Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 : Official Review

    The Maruti Alto K10 has been launched in India at a price of between Rs. 3.06 - 3.81 lakhs (ex-Delhi). What you'll like: • A much improved Alto K10 at the same price point • The cheapest automatic car available in India. VXI AMT starts at merely Rs. 3.80 lakhs • Power-to-weight ratio of 91...
  9. Ivan Leon

    India-made Dusters recalled in UK. No action by Renault India.

    Right hand drive Dusters for UK, were made in India at the Renault-Nissan's plant in Chennai until recently, when the company shifted the production to Dacia's Pitesti plant in Romania where LHD Duster's are being produced. What started with only a few complaints, has now spread all over the...
  10. Ivan Leon

    Danger Ahead: Airbags may have made a difference

    Most mid-segment cars in India are priced higher than corresponding models in markets such as the US or Europe, but fall short of safety standards. Airbags may have made a difference in Gopinath Munde’s case. Here’s a what-if situation: Would last week’s accident involving Union Rural...
  11. M

    Which card is best for foreign exchange in India?

    Hi all, hope this is the right forum. Backpacking India for 45 days soon. First time there. Because of the nature of travel, I want to carry as little cash as possible at any given time. Perhaps withdraw cash like once a week for safety reasons. So would like to pay for accommodation and...
  12. Ivan Leon

    Suzuki's Alto replacement leaked

    The eager-beaver marketing mavens at Suzuki GB have released details of the Celerio city car, due to go on sale in Britain in February 2015. This has stirred up a bit of a hornet's nest among their colleagues at Suzuki SA, who were hoping to keep the replacement for the entry-level Alto under...
  13. Ivan Leon

    Safety last? Maruti Suzuki Chairman Mr. R.C. Bhargava's ridiculous statements

    In what may be a somewhat terrifying development that tries to detract attention from the urgent need for safety features in all cars sold in this country, Maruti Suzuki Chairman Mr. R. C. Bhargava has come out with a statement that implies that the need for active and passive safety features in...
  14. Ivan Leon

    List: Indian Cars & Safety Features offered

    "After the "Safety Poll" thread, the next logical step was to look at the safety features of all popular Indian cars in one place. This is not only more convenient, but also allows easy comparison. I have considered all makes and models included in the September 2014 sales analysis, except...
  15. Ivan Leon

    Nissan called on to withdraw dangerous car model from Indian market

    In an unprecedented move, the global organisation for car safety testing has called on Nissan to withdraw a brand new model from the Indian market because it is so dangerous. Max Mosley, chairman of the New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP), has made the demand in a personal letter to Nissan...
  16. Ivan Leon

    Ford 'Modifies' India Manufactured EcoSport For European Market

    The compact SUV segment is booming across the globe and manufacturers are cashing-in on the demand by launching their popular vehicles in markets where they see a great scope of growth and demand. The Ford EcoSport was originally meant for Brazil and India mainly, but now Ford is all set to...
  17. Ivan Leon

    Coming soon: New norms to make air bags must for all cars in India

    Entry level car prices will rise by Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 35,000 from October next year as the government will make it mandatory for all new passenger cars in India to have basic safety features such as air bags, anti-lock braking systems, child restraint systems, seat belt reminders and reinforced...
  18. Kevin Lancaster

    Facebook restricts content criticizing government and religion

    Facebook restricts content criticizing government and religion Facebook restricted access to almost 5,000 pieces of content from India during the first six months of 2014 following requests by government agencies, a report by the social networking giant said
  19. Kevin Lancaster

    Amazon to sell food, drinks

    Amazon to sell food, drinks Online retailer Inc plans to sell packaged food and beverages in India from mid-October, the Economic Times reported
  20. Kevin Lancaster

    India's IT sector banishes country's snake charmer image

    India banishes snake charmer image through IT advancements Prime Minister Narendra Modi said a “digital India” could compete with the world and hailed its IT professionals for banishing the country’s image as a land of snake charmers and black magic