1. Hanno Labuschagne

    Braai prices hint at good news for SA's inflation

    Braai prices hint at good news for SA's inflation The cost of a traditional South African barbecue increased moderately in January after a sharp drop the prior month, confirming the central bank’s forecasts that beleaguered consumers may continue to see elevated food prices ease. Bloomberg’s...
  2. Hanno Labuschagne

    Bitcoin price hovering around 18-month high

    Bitcoin price hovering around 18-month high Bitcoin climbed back above $38,000 (R705,865) on Tuesday amid optimism the US central bank may be closer to lowering borrowing costs if inflation continues to decline. The largest cryptocurrency by market value gained as much as 3.3% to $38,264...
  3. RedViking

    Annual Rental Increase - How much more do you pay? (Poll)

    How much more are you paying or expect to pay for rent?
  4. Jan

    South African consumer confidence at levels last seen during Covid-19 pandemic

    South African consumers getting pounded Consumer confidence is at levels last seen amid the Covid–19 pandemic and in the second quarter of 2022 when deadly floods devastated KwaZulu-Natal, and the economic effects of the Ukrainian war started to manifest. This is according to the Bureau of...
  5. Jan

    DStv Premium, Family, and Access prices vs inflation - 2000 to 2023

    23 years of DStv price hikes in South Africa Price increases for DStv Premium remain below inflation, whereas DStv Family subscribers are still paying more for their service in real terms than in 2013, a MyBroadband analysis shows. Although MultiChoice’s price hikes for DStv Access have...
  6. AmutovSaydalim

    Trade bans, inflation send food prices soaring

    As inflation surges around the world, politicians are scrambling for ways to keep food affordable as people increasingly protest the soaring cost of living. One knee-jerk response has been food export bans aimed at protecting domestic prices and supplies as a growing number of governments in...
  7. Jan

    Absa economists warn of neon gas shortage due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could cause tech shortages — and higher prices in South Africa Russia’s invasion of Ukraine may cause supply chain disruptions to semiconductor chips that could push up prices of cars, TVs, household appliances, and electronic devices. This is according to Absa...
  8. D

    Inflation falls to lowest level in nearly 16 years Hmmm - interest rates cut to historic lows, inflation now around 2.1% after a massive drop... Not very encouraging signs... :(
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    Tech and TV prices increase inflation in South Africa

    Tech and TV prices increase inflation in South Africa Statistics South Africa recently announced changes to the way it calculates the consumer price index (CPI). It added and removed several items from the basket of goods and services used to calculate the index, which is used as an...
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    South African tech inflation: 2015 vs 2016 prices

    South African tech inflation: 2015 vs 2016 prices The latest figures from Statistics South Africa show that the country’s inflation rate is between 6% and 7%, but the price of tech products has increased far more than that.
  11. Jan

    DStv prices and inflation: 2000-2014

    DStv prices versus inflation MultiChoice increases DStv subscription prices annually: this is how the increases compare to SA’s inflation rate.
  12. G

    The continuing rise in bankruptcy among the middle-class in America Veeeeery interesting. Long clip, not for the bandwidth poor.
  13. G

    WikiLeaks cables: Saudi Arabia cannot pump enough oil to keep a lid on prices
  14. rpm

    Zimbabwe inflation According to the BBC the unofficial inflation rate in Zimbabwe is 15 000 000 %. This means that the price of an item will increase by 1% approximately every 2 seconds :D
  15. M

    Producer inflation shocker

    **** me sideways. Anyone got a belt they can lend me so I can tighten it? Mine was repossessed.
  16. C

    South Africa's Economy

    I received this in a e-mail today, and was quite shocked! I'd like to get your comments on this? "It has come to my attention to warn you as my friends and family of the current economic conditions we are facing in South Africa and the rest of the world. Yesterday at an ABSA conference...
  17. M

    Retrenchments on the increase?

    I have been hearing rumours in the market place that two of the major banks (I will withhold names for now) are laying-off staff big time. One of them is rumoured to be letting two and sometime even 3 people "interview" for the same position, and the rest will be "let go". Anyone able to...
  18. M

    What have you cancelled lately to survive?

    In light of inflationary increases, what have you gotten rid of? Me: Gardener DSTV (a year ago) Cell phone contract - expires beginning June and won't be renewing
  19. K

    R47,500pm needed to buy the average, mid-sized house Well, I'll be renting forever at this rate! :rolleyes:
  20. Nod

    100 bps rate hike on the cards?

    From Fin24: