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  1. U

    Internationall Packet loss and Bandwith

    Hope everyone is doing good , over a month now and still having internationall packet loss upto 20 percent and extremely high ping like 300 - to eu btw ... which normally through the day is 150 ... im so depressed and so mad at the same time ... cant even watch streams at night cause everything...
  2. U

    Internatioanl Speeds and Packet loss

    I am on Cell C Fibre 100/50 with Openserve , for the past month now i have been having international problems like packet loss and very low international bandwith , i think its something to do with the routing , does someone maybe have any ideas or had the same problem and knows how to fix this...
  3. Anthro

    NEOTEL Fibre - International Throughput vs Local Throughput

    Well, I am no officially a Fibre Broadband user. 100MB synchronous profile It is a beautiful thing ! HOWEVER. Noted today, that International Speed Tests are sub-par when compared to local What is my recourse - or is this the way it is ?
  4. E

    MWEB slow International Traffic

    We been on Mweb ADSL for past 18 months and access 90% of the time our websites that is located internationally. -384 Speed (beginning 2011) started good but was so problematic end of last year that we upgraded to a 1meg line. Speed was definitely better and we did not get all the "broken...
  5. R

    Seacom on its own is not the broadband answer

    Seacom alone is not the broadband answer Outage last week shows South Africa is vulnerable, for now.
  6. I

    International down?

    Axxess Express+ (IS account) Zero international connectivity since about 9:30pm edit: Saw someone else just created a thread now. Mods please delete.
  7. Mars

    Some Smoothwall questions.

    Ok So I had to replace one of the old pc's at the office and I'm thinking about turning it into a Smoothwall firewall. I have a coupla questions. Is this a linux based system? I'm on Neotel Prime, would I be able to connect the device to the smoothwall pc? I would like to run all the...
  8. T

    Map of new cables being worked on.

    I know this isn't the place to post this, but I know that most of the people looking at Vodacom threads don't look at other broadband threads. Anyway I want my fellow Vodacom supporters to see this. It looks promising to say the least!
  9. krycor

    Cybersmart giving issues or is it saix?

    For some reason the last 2 days every so often the international link drops(i know because i play international telnet game, game drops and thankfully i am not clanning else i'd be pissed off) but the SA link continues without issues.. so i was wondering is this a general problem or something...
  10. J

    international and local ADSL accounts using PPPoE on mac

    Is there any software for mac that will split your local and international bandwidth? Something simular to Route Sentry "Route Sentry is specially designed for South Africans who want to make use of 2 ADSL accounts on the same PC at the same time, with the one account being used for local...
  11. B

    Splitting International and Local Bandwidth with IPcop

    Hey Everyone. (Latest Version) I managed to get my IPcop firewall to split traffic between International and Local. I was all ways jealous of those who used routesentry :) but I was not prepared to do away with my IPcop and didnt want to create PPPoE connections on the PC's, and know there...