internet speed

  1. BevanBester

    Who is your Internet Fibre Service Provider?

    Who do you rely on for your Internet Fibre Service Provider in 2021? Please take a few moments to tell us at HB IT Solutions who you trust in providing your home with reliable Fibre internet services. You can also run an add-free Speed Test from our website by clicking 'here'.
  2. Hanno Labuschagne

    Free Internet speed upgrades for lockdown in South Africa – All the details

    Free Internet speed upgrades for lockdown in South Africa – All the details South African Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and fibre network operators are working together to upgrade Internet speeds for free during the national lockdown in South Africa. Vumatel first announced that it would...
  3. overit

    2 of the 3 West Coast Under sea cables down

    I have seen on down detector somebody said that 2 of the 3 cables we use for int traffic is broken, but can't find any news on it. EASSY cable is the only one working and all traffic is being routed through it causing major congestion. Was wondering if we had some inside info to go on? For now...
  4. O

    Can't find fast internet

    Hi all, Don't know if anyone can help us but I have a small web development and SEO business that is growing quickly! We have limped along for the last year on ADSL but we need some serious speed now. Mweb says there's no fibre ready for us. Also no WIFI. Sonic came to assess our...
  5. Y

    Telkom exchange point

    Bredell ADSL Problems Hi~:) My internet speed has been terrible for the past 7 months and I've been trying to get Telkom to fix my line but every time they tell me its because we too far away from the exchange point and there is nothing they can do, but I've been using the same line for many...
  6. T

    ADSL - Intermittent connection - Bad Exchange? Is it up to Telkom to fix this?

    Hi guys, first off thank you for your interest in my post below.. It's been the cause of many headaches and frustrations. Any advice, help, feedback or comments are very much appreciated. So, for the past few weeks our Internet has gone down the drain. To give you a background, understand...
  7. S

    CrystalWeb review.

    Hi there ,I'm thinking of switching to CrysalWeb 4mb/s uncapped home premium from Telkom. Has anybody have experience with them as your ISP ? Are they better than Telkom , worth switching too ? Do they throttle or softcap you internet connection after you've downloaded or used more than 120GB...
  8. F

    "Uncapped"? - not so much!

    I get really frustrated with telkom and other ISP's that offer "great value uncapped" packages - but they don't tell you they throttle you to death! How many gigs CAN you really download on a telkom FAST line and uncapped data? I am guessing 20Gig ave? Let's see - anybody out there want to...
  9. F

    Cape Town, Parklands - Internet Speed

    I live near the MyCity Bus Station Ravenswood. Telkom said i could only get a 4MBit/s Line - only Receiving 2Mbit/s..most of the time even less! The exchange must be very veeery far away!? Where can I find out when they intend to upgrade or place a closer exchange?
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    43Tbps data transfer sets world record

    World data transfer record: 43Tbps Researchers at DTU Fotonik have reclaimed the world data transfer record with a speed of 43 terabits per second
  11. G

    8ta vs Vodacom speed test and costing review

    Hi all I'm a resident in President Park Midrand, where we have no fixed line infrastructure. This poses a logistical and costing problem as I'm running a business from my premises. I have been using Vodacom prepaid 3G for the last year and I have been paying exorbitant fees for the service...
  12. T

    Internet connections in Pretoria - Hatfield

    Hi, My name is Bobby Lundqvist and i'm about to move to Pretoria for 6 months. I need to know what kind of prepaid / 6 month contract version of internet connections there is? What kind of connection do you have? What price do you pay and how much traffic do you get? What is the average...