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Jan 28, 2017
Bredell ADSL Problems


My internet speed has been terrible for the past 7 months and I've been trying to get Telkom to fix my line but every time they tell me its because we too far away from the exchange point and there is nothing they can do, but I've been using the same line for many years and it's only giving me real problems for the recent months and the internet fluctuates all the time but it is generally slow.

I'm connected through Mweb and I used to have a 2mb uncapped line and upgraded to a 4mb uncapped line but sometimes the speed is so slow that I can barely open a google web page, my recent speed test was Download speed: 0.07mbps, Upload speed: 0.08mbps, Latency: 43ms and Jitter: 2ms).

I would like to know if being too far from the exchange point, will it affect the latency which affects the download/upload speed indirectly or does it affect the download/upload speed directly? and if it is really because I'm too far away from the exchange point or does the fault lie in my line? I spoke to Mweb and they say its a problem with my line and my internet speed is getting worse and worse every month. :crying:

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Jan 22, 2005
First log in to your router and check what speed your line is synced at, also note the attenuation & signal to noise ratio.

Second test with an account from a different ISP, plenty of ISPs offer a free 1GB account you can test with and there is also a Telkom guest account you can use to test on telkom sites with.

If your line was fine before there is no reason why you should not be able to achieve the same performance as before, it's not like you moved further away.