1. S

    What on Earth has Rain done with their routing again?

    I used to be able to connect now to middle east server in Overwatch and Apex with a decent 150 ping and since their maintenance this morning it is all gone! now I even have to use third party apps to be able to have a ping lower than 300ms... There can never be some sort of stability with Rain...
  2. S

    High ping to EU

    Hi recently my ping to EU has increased. It use to be around 170ms now its 300ms+ ping to other regions are the same as always just wanted to see if anyone else has this problem or if it is only on my side
  3. U

    Anyone else having higher ping than usual to europe servers?

    I am on Afrihost MTN LTE 100gig. My friend(who has the same issue now) is on Telkom ADSL. We are both experiencing higher pings and slow webpages to Europe Ip's/websites. A usual ping to a Europe server gives me between 190-210 ping. Now I am receiving 300 constantly. When I open a site...
  4. A

    VPN that gives the best ping

    Hi guys I am just wondering if someone will know of a VPN service that can provide me with quick ping response, the reason for this is that I am trying to play a game with my brother. He lives in the UK and I have to have my location near him for us to be able to play the game together, sounds...
  5. under_sky

    Unifi Security Controller gateway

    Sorry for this might have been answered once before in the past but i have not been able to find anything on the web regarding this. I have a Ubiquiti network set up and the USG(Unfi Security gateway) has this feature that will constantly check your ping with a echo server
  6. P

    High ping to local server

    Hi all. Im very clueless when it comes to these things so bare with me while i try and explain the problem im stuck with. About a month ago i changed from telkom lte to a wisp(jnd which is using liquid telecoms hence why im putting this under neotel). The new connection was great and playing...
  7. S

    Cybersmart Lightspeed FTTH International Ping & Speed Tests

    Hi all, I am looking at signing up with Cybersmart's Lightspeed as they are busying installing in our apartment building. However, I was wondering if those of you that have are already using their FTTH (400mb or 20mb) offerings, could please share the sorts of pings and speeds you get to...
  8. M

    Ping Spikes, Have changed ISP and still the same, anybody care to help a noob?

    Hi Guys, I am on a 4MB uncapped line and am getting crazy ping spikes when I play battlefield online on Xbox, sometimes it shoots up to 2274. I changed my ISP from crystalweb to telkom home unlimited and am still getting the exact same problem. The router I am using is a Huawei HG532S...
  9. S

    Gaming on EU servers via Cell C LTE - is it possible?

    Hi all, I'm thinking of signing up for a contract with Cell C to get an LTE Router + Package. Currently on Telkom LTE Uncapped - its been great, however we all share this at home and I would like to get a separate LTE just to do gaming (unfortunately no fibre in our area yet and max adsl is...
  10. E

    Fiber Wi-Fi vs Copper Cable

    Hi, So I'm trying to make a decision on internet based on Ping for MMO gaming. I currently have a 8Mb/s copper line and getting a ping around 200ms on a good day and 300ms on a bad day. My landlord offered to give me access to use his Fiber via WiFi, I'll have to boost it with a...
  11. E

    Copper Cable VS Fiber Wi-Fi for gaming

    Hi, So I'm trying to make a decision on internet based on Ping for MMO gaming. I currently have a 8Mb/s copper line and getting a ping around 200ms on a good day and 300ms on a bad day. My landlord offered to give me access to use his Fiber via WiFi, I'll have to boost it with a...
  12. A

    Why can people from the UK get 150 ping to here, but we get 180 to the UK?

    My questions is exactly as the title says. I have plenty of friends from the UK who get 150 ping to any of our local servers, and yet when we connect to UK servers, we have a minimum of 180. Why is that? And if there's a way to fix it, how would one go about it? Could our ISPs optimize their...
  13. Y

    Telkom exchange point

    Bredell ADSL Problems Hi~:) My internet speed has been terrible for the past 7 months and I've been trying to get Telkom to fix my line but every time they tell me its because we too far away from the exchange point and there is nothing they can do, but I've been using the same line for many...
  14. C

    Best ISP for International Latency?

    Hi everybody, I'm on the verge of having my Telkom Fibre installed this week and I'm looking to take advantage of the lowered latency. I play a lot of Dota 2 on European and SEA servers and I was wondering which ISP could give me the best international latency in Johannesburg? I used to get...
  15. D

    Reviews for Crystal Web Fibre?

    I'm getting fibre in my home very soon with Vumatel infrastructure, and Crystal Web are offering a very good uncapped package with 100/100 megabit/s up down speeds for R1 089. Compared to all the other packages being offered on the Vumatel website, this seems like a steal. Can anyone who has...
  16. S

    Website Speed Test South African Server

    Was looking around for this, and couldn't really find a reliable one. So dropped one on my server. Hope this can help someone.
  17. I

    ADSL providers? [Long]

    Hi guys I'm a fairly serious internet user; I spend most of my time on Twitch/Youtube or playing Dota. My family (3 other) also use quite a large amount of our data. A few months ago I moved from Afrihost's 4mbps uncapped to Mweb because I was getting unplayable ping and abysmal download...
  18. N

    High Latency to EU Blizzard Servers - Afrihost 4mb capped

    Hi gentlemen and ladies After having a really pleasant time playing the Overwatch beta and getting around 160 - 180ms on my 4mb capped Afrihost line, I was rather unpleasantly surprised to discover that after the game's launch, I am now getting around 300ms. Using Blizzard's looking glass...
  19. DeSLAM

    Afrihost ADSL Cape Town - Issues may 2016

    Hi Have been experiencing this for the past week. The network status on Afrihost website says all is just fine. However monitoring the network with Pingplotter shows a totally different picture for pings from Cape Town area. Pings show hops to are as high a 670 ms per...
  20. J

    Telkom ADSL 4mb line, Constant 250-260 ping on League of legends

    Hi guys, I've had this issue ever since I started using Telkom ISP. With my other online games, I get decent pings. It is just League of legends lol. Most people online get about 190 ping with 2Mb line. I have a 4mb line with ping above 250 constantly!:( I've tried everything. Turning all...