1. J

    Telkom ADSL 4mb line, Constant 250-260 ping on League of legends

    Hi guys, I've had this issue ever since I started using Telkom ISP. With my other online games, I get decent pings. It is just League of legends lol. Most people online get about 190 ping with 2Mb line. I have a 4mb line with ping above 250 constantly!:( I've tried everything. Turning all...
  2. I

    Gaming on fibre

    Hi guys I ordered my 100 mbps fibre line a few days ago (webafrica/telkom) but with probably a few days/weeks left to wait before actually getting it is killing me. I want to know what gaming is like on fibre. If you have a 100 or 40 mbps line can you play on international servers without...
  3. L

    Latency while downloading.

    So this is a problem that all gamers in SA face. Too many games of counterstrike and dota are punctuated by "F*** I'm lagging" followed shortly by (off stage) "WHO THE HELL IS DOWNLOADING?". All the research I have done suggests that it's only South Africans that get high ping/latency when...
  4. A

    Having problems with Telkom

    Hello fellow mybroadbanders, Lately I am not happy with Telkom's network quality... I mainly play BF4 comp, but I only have like 4 servers to choose from my favourite list, because of high ping. I had this problem a couple of months ago, but fixed it by replacing the router. Now the problem...
  5. P

    WiFibre and Gaming

    hi Firstly just want to thanks their accounts/sales department for being so helpful :) is there anyone here who uses a WiFibre link and game on it ? COD Advance warfare ? Dota2 ? what is your response/ping times like ? also does it remain the same after your have reached your limit and...
  6. S

    High ping - Internet Solutions

    About 2 days ago my international pings have changed. I went from having a constant 170 ms and now it's around a constant 197 ms. Has anyone heard anything or is having the same trouble I'm having? I have a 10mb line with Internet Solutions and my local pings are fine, just my international...
  7. R

    ADSL Noordheuwel (krugersdorp) Problems!!!

    Extremely high latency after 4pm Noordheuwel (krugersdorp) ADSL problems For the past 2 months my latency has been revolting, reaching 300-400 ping as well as up to 25% packet loss after 4pm on weekdays and weekends, this is not the first time that this problem has occurred. Last year end...
  8. S

    Afrihost for Gaming?

    Hi all I recently moved into a new flat and now in need of getting internet sorted. The main use will be for online gaming (League of Legends [LoL]) and browsing. Unfortunately the land lord does not want us to install a fixed line so we are limited to mobile data. We are currently using...
  9. R

    Congestion: Randpark Ridge (011 795)

    Within the last week, my line's gone from "fine" to "not fine." In the morning, I have pings around the 40ms mark, now (19:20), a minimum ping of 280, maximum of 979 and average of 617 to Afrihost's website. Have tested using a prepaid account on the IS backbone, and dropped from a 4Mb to...
  10. C

    Telkom 4Mbps ADSL Extremely High Ping

    Hi I'm helping out my friend who has been experiencing extremely high Latency. Location is about 1Km away from the exchange. I live 2 blocks away and my connection is perfect. The download is around 3.5Mb and Uplaod is 400k but Ping is 250ms to Johannesburg servers, we are in Sandton...
  11. ControlAltDelete

    Telkom latency issue

    For the past 2-3 months I've been experiencing high latencies in the day time everyday. I'm currently running a 2Mbps Uncapped Shaped line. Although not shaped, I still get latencies of 500-1500ms in WoW and MW3 and other online applications and games. Does anyone else have these problems? And...
  12. Mk786

    Help! Alert Ping/Ping info View - Alternative

    Hi Guys, Looking for a software like alert ping/ping info view(Nirsoft). Any suggestions?
  13. T

    Ping issues between CPT and JHB Afrihost

    Hi Guys, I picked up this issue last week and tested again last night. Whenever I create a public game in Black Ops II Zombies and invite friends from JHB to join in, their pings jump between 200 - 999, yes, 999 ping. Where mine is +- 18. To make sure the issue wasn't on their side...
  14. R

    2 ASDL Questions: Grey cable and bad ping

    Hi I recently (2 weeks ago) put in Telkom ADSL at home (1mb simple). I went to ASDL because I was laggy during "peak" time (18h-23h) while on-line gaming with my 3G connections. But I still experience lag with the ADSL. My ping is when it's good 193 while playing League of Legends...
  15. M

    Call of Duty XBOX Live

    Hey All I got tired of searching the forum and coming up empty so I decided to post. Okay so I just wanted to know if there was any way to lower my ping to the call of duty servers as after playing with some other South Africans the game was alot easier and I actually managed to get a decent...
  16. W

    8ta speed tests East London

    Test Date: Oct 27, 2012 6:57 PM Connection Type: Cellular Server: Midrand Download: 887.6 kB/s Upload: 377.6 kB/s Ping: 83 ms A detailed image for this result can be found here:
  17. A

    Very high ping in Loewenstein/Bellville Western Cape

    For about the past 4 months I have been experiencing high latencies of up to 1200ms. It is worse in the evenings and is regularly between 300-900ms. my latency can also be as low as 50ms then spike for a minute or so then comes back down. I play BF3 online, and this is where I notice the...
  18. NomNom

    Getting Random Lag on Web Africa Home Uncapped

    For what seems like a week now I have been getting random lag while playing Battlefield 3 on Webafrica Home Uncapped 384kbps. My ping would be 70ms+- and then would suddenly jump to 450ms+- now and then. My game becomes unplayable while this happens then about 20 or 30 seconds later it would...
  19. H

    Online Gaming Latency is high

    From the 17 of February 2012 my online gaming experience has been a bad one thanks to iburst's internet problems. Please post the game you are playing and your latency in the game!
  20. J

    Getting over the internet. IP conflict on LAN adapter

    Hello Is there an explanation on why i cannot set my ip address of network adapter to whilst the internet is on, I get an immediate IP address conflict when ever my PPPOE connection is on? I did a traceroute and this is what turned up: >tracert Tracing route to...