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    How do I get my PS3 to connect to my Iburst USB Modem?

    Hi, Was wondering if someone could help me out, I have tried every other forum and not even Google was my friend this time round. Okay so I have a new PS3 Slim and I have a laptop and a Iburst USB Modem. Ideally I would like to share my internet connect so that I can connect wirelessly to...
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    A question regarding the workings of IP addresses

    I wasn't to sure where to post this, so mods please move if it's in the wrong place. OK, so this is my situation. Me and my dad had a debate on how IP addresses and the internet in general works. Now, not being much a network fundie, I am quite mystified by the workings of networks. And my...
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    Change IP address NeoConnectLite

    Hi I recently got my NeoConnectLite device and I would like to know how I can change my IP address without having to disconnect from the internet. I have already tried (from cmd): ipconfig /release But I get this error: "Windows IP Configuration The operation failed as no adapter...
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    IP Address Changes After Every Page Load. WTF??

    Hey everyone, I have had this problem, since I have got broadband with Telkom. This has dramaticlly changed my online experience! I can't even log into websites without getting logged out 30 secs later! I have never been able to download 1 single file from rapidshare!! I have never...