iphone 3gs

  1. B

    IOS 5 : iPhone funnies after upgrading to IOS 5

    Hi There I've recently upgraded my iPhone 3GS to IOS 5 and I've started experiencing a few problems and I would like to know if anyone else have experienced similar problems. Firstly, a few of my application don't work anymore even after I've reinstalled them e.g. TUAW app Also I found...
  2. Derrick

    iPhone 3GS

    The most significant changes have taken place within the hardware of the device. The ‘S’ in the phone’s title represents ‘speed’ owing to the fact that Apple has supercharged the CPU. In the original iPhone, and the subsequently released iPhone 3G, tech fans found an attractive, stylish...
  3. R


    howzit guys ... since so many people are now adopting the iphone 4 and many more already have the 3gs , i thought it would be fun to create a list where people can put their gamecentre usernames for other people to add , heres mine username : riazbapoo email: riazbapoo@gmail.com
  4. R

    FaceIt-3GS facetime for iphone 3gs

    FaceIt-3GS, which lets you have FaceTime on a jailbroken iPhone 3GS. has just been released.You can grab it in Cydia via the iPhone Islam repo: http://apps.iphoneislam.com. In the meantime, share what you think about FaceIt-3GS.
  5. G

    Iphone and Ipad SA Apps thread.

    Allrighty girls and boys I cant seem to find a list of apps that are all directly related to SA. so far i found 1 My broadband app 2 DSTV Guide app 3 News 24 (incl sports 24 etc etc) app 4 MWEB app 5 Supersport app 6 YFM app 7 Radio Africa app 8 FNB Voip app 9 MXIT 10 who SAid 11 I-mobile 12...
  6. G

    iPhone 3GS Stolen and how Mobile Me helped

    Friday 19th August between 8:45-9:30AM my phone goes missing from where my company was having a conference I inform the hotel manager and my companies HR about what happened. Not knowing if I had mobileme enabled, I try to locate but the phone is switched-off which normally means its a...
  7. d0b33

    iPhone 4 owners report fewer dropped calls than iPhone 3GS

  8. P

    iPhone 3GS 16&32GB on special!

    Hi MYBB Good news, we have reduced the pricing on the Apple iPhones due to the great success of the Easter Promotion! Checkout the latest pricing here : http://www.pc-direct.co.za/c109/Apple-iPhone.aspx Limited stock as usual and first come as usual too :) Note we are offering FREE...
  9. PhreakBoy

    So I just got my iPhone 3Gs

    What now? :D It is busy charging mow. Then I'll need to figure out a way to transfer all my contacts. What then?
  10. T

    Vodashop disappoints once again...

    Hi all /*rant begins I feel so disappointed in my local Vodashop that I cannot even think of a decent way to express myself about what happened to me the last few days. I ordered my new iphone 3gs 32gb last Thursday from my local vodashop. They promised me that my phone will be here by...
  11. I

    A wrap up on the latest smart phones

    Hi everyone, thought I'd put up a quick review on the latest smartphones after all the hype over the past couple of weeks :) It doesn't go into the in depth technical details, but skims the major pros and cons of what's on the market... Click
  12. S

    iPhone 3GS could prove substantially more expensive than its predecessor.

    Where did I read that prices would not change much?!?
  13. F

    The iPhone Tips/Tricks/Apps thread

    NB: Join us at iPhoneZA.co.za Forums: For the SA Apple Enthusiast! (Free iPhone 4 stuff to be won!!) *** - Click here to go there Updated Contents: NB Important current information! Jailbreaking the iPhone: How to jailbreak your iPhone: How to UNLOCK your iPhone: Why jailbreak...