1. F

    Live streaming - VPN not needed ... or am I just lucky?

    I will preface by saying that I don't watch a lot of TV, but I do have an IPTV account and I watch mostly sports. Since the dawn of time, I have always been told that you need a VPN to watch online TV/Streams because the providers will throttle you, but my experience seems to be the opposite...
  2. Nod

    [UK] Freeview Play

    Source: https://www.freeview.co.uk/freeview-play/mobile-app
  3. P

    IP TV Service Providers

    Hi All, Anyone knows a good IP TV service provider in SA? I have a Mi Box TV Box to set up on. FastIP.tv signs up only by client referral. Thanks
  4. I

    What Legal IPTV service is best? [No Illegal Services Allowed]

    Hi, I'm looking at getting a premium IPTV service. I'm getting uncapped 100mbps fibre connection and want to cut the cord from DStv. I have 2 questions: What IPTV services do you recommend? Do I need a VPN? Thanks for any help you guys can give
  5. N

    Getting IP TV in South Africa

    Hi Everyone, I decided to cancel DSTV. The one show I am missing tremendously is the "Daily Show" with Trevor. I have tried to access Comedy Central through Plex, but although it navigates to the show, and the episode, it does not play. I have also tried to access it on IPTV sites on my smart...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Secret IPTV streaming piracy going unnoticed

    Secret IPTV streaming piracy going unnoticed TorrentFreak holds a magnifying glass over a form of streaming piracy which it says has gone mostly unnoticed.
  7. P

    How to stream digital terrestrial TV to other devices

    I've got a media server running on Linux and am busy with a project to watch and record free-to-air TV (SABC1-3, e.tv) on it. I'm most likely going to use MythTV as backend PVR software to record TV using Linux compatible USB DVB-T2 TV Tuner stick (Geniatech T230a or PCTV 292e). I'll...
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    IPTV subscriptions on the rise

    IPTV shows strong growth IPTV subscriber numbers rose to 96 million at the end of 2013
  9. jes

    Google, AT&T in ultra high-speed Internet race

    Google, AT&T in ultra high-speed Internet race Google plans to bring its ultra high-speed Internet and television service to Austin, Texas, next year, prompting AT&T to reveal its own plans to follow suit – if it gets the same terms from local authorities.
  10. E

    IPTV & VoD SA licensing requirements

    have seen a few threads about proposed IPTV services so below is a summary of the current licensing / regulatory position as set out by ICASA in its Position Paper in relation to Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and Video on Demand (VOD) Services . Summary IPTV services which fall...
  11. L

    SABC looking to IPTV??

    Just heard an ad on the radio about an SABC tender for an IPTV system. Anybody have any ideas on what this may be?? They said something about a 36 channel system, that must be expandable .... so curious to see what the SABC are trying to do here!! they also mentioned the DTT as part of it...
  12. jes

    Telkom’s burnt fingers and a lesson learnt

    Telkom’s burnt fingers and a lesson learnt Nigerian Multi-Links failure is a costly experience
  13. jes

    IPTV in South Africa and globally

    IPTV in South Africa and globally IPTV continues to grow globally, and local initiatives are on the cards for 40Mbps VDSL service to support an IPTV service
  14. jes

    IPTV booming, but not in South Africa

    IPTV booming, but not in South Africa The number of IPTV subscribers worldwide increased by over a third during 2010, but South Africa and Africa are left behind
  15. T

    List of IPTV (rtsp,mms,etc) feeds

    With DSTV being > R 500 and uncapped being < R 500, I cancelled my DSTV account and I'm going the uncapped route. Could we get a list going of all the decent (free and paid) IPTV streams out there?
  16. T


    Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is a system through which digital television service is delivered using the architecture and networking methods of the Internet Protocol Suite over a packet-switched network infrastructure, e.g., the Internet and broadband Internet access networks, instead of...
  17. rpm

    IPTV and broadband growth continues

    IPTV and broadband growth continues
  18. M

    Will we ever get 24mbps?

    Since Telkom are no longer in the IPTV market, I assume they are going to stop any or all progress on upgrading their infrastructure to allow 24mbps? We don't even have 8mbps ffs, and that is the normal ADSL max downlink. When will we ever get 24mbps(ADSL2+)? We are so far behind it's not funny.