1. LazyLion

    Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 At...
  2. rpm

    Not just for gamers

    Not just for gamers
  3. rpm

    Wireless keyboard for Wii

    Wireless keyboard for Wii
  4. T

    Are USB Keyboards generally pretty compatible?

    I really need a new keyboard, and have this prejudice against USB keyboards, thinking that for some reason they are less compatible and give problems more often, though I'm not quite sure what this prejudice is based on exactly. Other than that I might want to use it with some quite old PCs...
  5. rpm

    Little things do count
  6. M

    Keyboard-infused pants make it okay to grab your crotch

    Click here for the pics
  7. M

    All keyboard shortcuts

    1.) Windows Hotkeys * Shift + F10 right-clicks. * Win + L (XP Only): Locks keyboard. Similar to Lock Workstation. * Win + F or F3: Open Find dialog. (All Files) F3 may not work in some applications which use F3 for their own find dialogs. * Win + Control + F: Open Find...