1. S

    The best keyboard to develop with

    So, keyboards are a very personal thing and I am looking at a keyboard for software development. I am looking for developers who swear by their keyboards for speed, comfort and accuracy. Back in the day, I used an erganomic keyboard which I enjoyed however for some reason now, I find the...
  2. D

    Where can i find a IBM model m keyboard?

    Hey guys, Do you know of any place where i can buy a IBM model m keyboard. I hear the are excellent keyboards and really want to get my hands on one.
  3. K

    Older iMac Keyboard

    Hey Hey Can anyone suggest where I can find one of the older iMac keyboards... Family member is looking for one to replace theirs that has died. They have tried the usual retailers, and no luck at all, not even able to order one. I managed to find a couple on Gumtree, but both have a...
  4. NomNom

    Decent Anti-Ghosting Keyboard?

    So I recently bought myself one of these: Thermaltake ESports Challenger Ultimate Keyboardhdmi I started up Battlefield 3, jumped in a jet and took off, but this is where the fun begins! I use the WASD and the arrow keys on the keyboard to fly but when I tried to make a turn using S, down...
  5. N

    Genius keyboard

    I have been searching for this keyboard everywhere and no matter where I look it is out of stock, can anyone get a hold of a genius luxemate i200 keyboard? Even second hand.
  6. W

    Wireless Keyboard Stock

    Doen anyone know of any shops (iStore, Incredible Connection etc.) in the Gauteng area that currently have Apple Wireless keyboards in stock. Or any other place I can get it from. I very urgently need to get my hands on one. Any help would be much apperciated. Thanks.
  7. T

    Managed to pop off one of the keys on my keyboard

    Hi I managed to pop off one of the keys on my Samsung Notebook. These things are like a chinese puzzle. It comprises the keycap itself, and then 2 other pieces which fit into each other in some magical fashion. The spring load is provided by a rubber cup thingy. OK, so I am not the...
  8. T

    USB P8P67-M USB Freezing Computer?

    Hi guys I need help! I recently built a new system with a P8P67-M Motherboard, Core i5 2500K CPU, 4GB RAM and I got a Radeon HD6870. My system will randomly just freeze. At first it was just the USB keyboard and mouse that froze, I would then unplug them, wait a while and then plug them in...
  9. NomNom

    New and upcoming hardware?

    Isn't there a site that anyone knows of that features new and upcoming hardware? I'm looking for a site that will tell me when and if there will be new keyboards, mice, headphones coming out ect. I've tried looking for one but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. :cry: Anyone know of one...
  10. xera

    Cell C Modem DISABLING my keyboard!?

    I have the 21.6Mbps modem... I was in jhb, and it was working fine. But then I took it on holiday.... I took my same pc down to durban. When I plugged it in durban, same same usb port, it had an enormous struggle detecting the modem! The cell c software kept on saying detecting device, and...
  11. LazyLion

    Weird keyboard problem!

    OK, so I upgraded a friend from Office 2007 to Office 2010. I uninstalled the office 2007 first and then installed the 2010. Now every since... she is having this weird problem with her keyboard where certain (not all) punctuation is doubling. When she wants to type an apostrophe it comes...
  12. Deep78

    backlit Keyboard search!

    Well I have a Razer Lycosa which is an amazing Keyboard and the backlit keys are really nice especially the in game wasd keys. What I’m really looking for now is a KB that has backlit keys for in game use that can be customised, let’s face it, playing in the dark really adds to the atmosphere...
  13. G

    XFPS (keyboard & Mouse) for Xbox 360

    I've done some reading on the XFPS controller for the Xbox 360 that allows you to connect a keyboard/mouse to your Xbox. 50% of the people think it's an unbelivable product, the other 50% thinks it's a bunch of crap. Does anyone own such a controller/converter or used one before? Can...
  14. M

    Swype beta for Android released

    For those of you who don't know, Swype is an alternative keyboard ui which allows users to write without lifting their finger, thereby increasing writing speed on mobile devices. I don't own an Android phone but would be interested to know what users think...
  15. T

    PC 3 long beeps on startup

    Hi, I intially had a problem with my pc not starting (no Screen). Initially I had 2 short beeps, follwed by 6 quick beeps. I tried re-plugging in keyboard, & re-inserting RAM (1GB, & 256MB sticks). I don't think the memory was seated too well. Now I get 3 long beeps. Is this a knackered...
  16. M

    Keyboard Cover/Protector for Macbook, worth it?

    Has anyone bought and used one of those silicone keyboard protectors for your mac keyboard? Firstly are they made out of different products, with different feels? Where is the best place to get one, price vs quality? And would anyone recommend using one of these? There are few things...
  17. G

    Strange problem - key presses are suddenly ignored - any suggestions?

    I noticed a strange problem, which started today. Sometimes when I type, the key presses are simply ignored and the characters don't appear. If I continue to press a key, it suddenly works again. Or if I press e.g. Shift-S, it won't do anything, or display a small 's' instead, or if I continue...
  18. S

    Notebook keyboard key mechanism

    Anyone know where I can get a notebook key mechanism? It's one of those concertina-type things. Basically two plastic squares of side ~1cm joined at a hinge located at the middle of two opposite sides. It's actually for a Microsoft Desktop 7000 keyboard (basically a notebook keyboard).
  19. Rouxenator

    Can a battery do that ?!

    A month ago my wife complained that her Acer Aspire 3050 with 2.5GB RAM was so slow she could not even type on it. When I tried it I found the exact same thing, it did not respond to keystrokes unless you hold them down for 5 seconds at a time and the mouse was complete unusable. I reloaded...
  20. N

    Keyboard Test Software

    Anyone know of any "FREE" keyboard test software? I have a ton of keyboards here that I need to go through, find the ones that work 100% and those that are faulty, and all the software I find is trials etc. Suggestions?