1. jes

    Kingston launches range of rugged flash drives

    Kingston launches range of rugged flash drives Kingston recently launched their new DataTraveler R500 flash disk in South Africa
  2. jes

    Kingston 32GB microSDHC - launch and price details

    Kingston 32GB microSDHC - launch and price details Kingston launched their first 32GB microSDHC card in SA today and provided their suggested retail price
  3. E

    Esquire launches the first Kingston Gen3 Flash Drives in South Africa

    Hi All As promised last week and finally released from customs , we proud to be the first distributor in South Africa to launch the new Kingston Generation 3 Flash Drive aka Kingston Gen3 Flash drive and with a weak Dollar or strong Rand ( depends on how you look at it ) we doing them a...
  4. E

    Esquire External Storage Solutions

    Hi All Today we have another great offer on our Freecom range of external Hard Disk Drive Enclosures , for all those clients travelling this Easter weekend, make sure that you well backed up and secured... so take advantage of our backup SPECIALS, also we doing some great deals on...
  5. E

    Esquire BenQ Monitor, Kingston Flash drive bundle deals

    Hi All we doing some sharp pricing this week on BenQ monitors, LCD TV;s and Projectors as well as a nice deal on Kingston flash drives if you purchase any of the monitors, these are great deals considering that LCD panels are also up by USD$15 on the 18.5 , 21 and 24" , so you should see a...
  6. N

    KAB Tech - Kingston Flash Drive 32GB Specials!

    R1029 :) Kingston DT100/32GB Datatraveler 100, 32Gb flash drive R1059 :) Kingston DT120/32GB Datatraveler 120, 32Gb flash drive, gray R1069 :) Kingston DT150/32GB Datatraveler 150, 32Gb flash drive, orange R1069 :) Kingston DTiG2/32G Datatraveler G2, 32Gb flash drive R1079 :)...
  7. N

    KAB Tech - Flash Drive Specials!

    Hi all, I'm new to the dealership part of the MyBB forums (as a dealer) but not as a user, been using MyBB since 2006. Anyways, I've got the following specials for you guys; Corsair Voyager Mini 16Gb flash drive retractable USB connector support readyboost durable + water resistant...
  8. blaaislaai

    Ram timings

    Hi, Im having a bit of trouble configuring my RAM timings on the Asus M3N-HT Mempipe delux. When booting up I only see my ram is being detected as DDR2- 667 Unganged mode. I currently have 2x2GB Kingston HyperX 1066mhz modules installed. According to Kingston the ram timings for 1066mhz...