1. LazyLion

    KZN Fire Department Employee Crashes Again

    A seemingly accident-prone Msunduzi fire department employee, who has previously driven into a wall and a hydrant, has just written off the station's one and only new bakkie, the Witness reported on Friday. This was her third accident involving council vehicles and questions were being asked...
  2. ponder

    [Ballito Shootout] Welcome to Africa, shootout at the O.K. Corral is tame!

    So you think you live in a nice place. Yesterday two taxi groups decide to have a little shoot out, big police presence arrives and they've been there ever since, armoured vehicles the lot. One would think that these savages would think twice about starting their schite again but no, close to...

    KZN town's water poisoned with cyanide Thirsty much?
  4. O

    Average Speed Cameras N3 Durban Bound

    Hi, Just done the route from PMB to Durbs and did a small stretch of it (10km) at a higher speed than the speed limit. (No excuse other than that I was late for a meeting and the road was fairly clear) I am well aware that we have average speed monitoring here in KZN and I know how it...
  5. M

    SA Roadlink banned from KZN

    News 24 Seems like a good decision.
  6. A

    Another ‘blue light convoy’ assault Just heard about this. Yet another disgraceful incident. Banana republic :rolleyes: