1. B

    Looking for a lawyer to assist with setting up a Wifi Contract Template between WISP and Customers

    HI, We are a small WISP that is looking for a reliable Lawyer who can create a Contract Template that we can use to cover the agreement between US and our Customers. Any recommendations? Respectfully, Wilfred
  2. fundutzi

    A public internet forum for za law? Specific today re trusts

    Dear All, Do you know of a public internet forum where I can ask for help re za law? {I cannot find one in reasonable time} The idea, find a forum, scan it for answers. See what users/ companies are motivated and capable over time. Approach person/ companies and pay for the service I need...
  3. MeNeZ

    Quick question re SA/International Cyber law

    Hi, I just have a question regarding cyber law acts that are in use in the USA like PCI-DSS/HIPAA/GLBA etc - Some are required to have internal quarterly vulnerability scans and one vulnerability scan done by an external company annually. Is SA required to do anything similar or is it more of...
  4. M

    Process of marrying a Namibian citizen and aquiring Temporary Residence / Spousal Visa

    Hi, My fiance is a Namibian citizen and we plan on getting married at Home Affairs, or through a Marriage officer and then applying for a Temporary Residence / Spousal visa. Does anyone know the process or possibly went through this themselves? Some of my current concerns/questions include...
  5. T

    Online business/service serving a foreign audience, do I also pay tax to that country

    Hi, I've been a stalker on these forums for years. I've found countless answers to my questions without having to register. Decided, that I might as well formalize my stalking. Question is: Suppose I am an S.A. registered company with a ecommerce service/site being offered to a UK...
  6. M

    Definitive Data Expiry Legal Opinion

    There has been some threads about data expiry with no conclusion. Is there someone with a knowledgeable legal opinion: Can regulations determined in terms of an act, violate the provisions of another act? If, as I suspect, it cannot, why is ICASA wasting time with provisions which is clearly in...
  7. Newsfeed

    New Australian law proposed to force companies to decrypt messages

    New Australian law proposed to force companies to decrypt messages Australia has proposed a new cybersecurity law that will force technology firms to decrypt customer messages to aid police investigations.
  8. S

    What do to do if you are in an accident in a dangerous area

    Hi, a friend and I were having a hypothetical discussion about what is legal if a) someone crashes into you and b) the area is dangerous, or if you think the accident is a ruse to make you stop so that they could rob you (or worse)? The law I could find seems to indicate that you are obliged to...
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    Which laws or regulations should be scrapped?

    Which laws or regulations should be done away with in South Africa?
  10. Zoomzoom

    Urgent help needed please - house renovation

    Hi, URGENTLY need advice please. I'm renovating an old house (104) years old. I considered extending part of the house, but the cost was too much, so am just rebuilding part of the house on the old foundation. I understood that rebuilding on an existing foundation did not require planning...
  11. Rouxenator

    Being dead : What rights do you have and what laws apply to you?

    While having lunch I came up with an interesting concept and I can't seem to get concrete answers on many of the points raised. The question here is what laws apply to someone that is dead and also what rights do they have? For example, if you are dead and you have no rights is it then...
  12. Bar0n

    Africa's Worst New Internet Censorship Law Could be Coming to South Africa

    Please educate yourselves on this matter by reading the Electronic Frontier Foundation's article on this and by adding your voice to the petitions and Right2Know campaigns. Spread the word and let's keep our internet free...
  13. D

    Common property and boundary walls in JHB question

    Hi folks. Wondering if anyone can help me out with a property related legal question. So indicated in the diagram, we have a rough layout of the complex subdivisions. My question here is, are the boundary walls highlighted with red considered communal property, or are they the...
  14. J

    SA Criminal Law: Shoplifting (goods value >R. 1000)

    Good evening Does anyone know where I can find laws or case law(valid through law of precedent) regarding shoplifting of goods valued over R. 1000? I need this information for an assignment and can only find reference to the law regarding goods under the value of R. 200. Any help would be...
  15. C

    Advice? Bought house and current tenants refuse to move?

    I need some advice. I bought a town house and my offer to purchase stated that I were to move in 1 Dec 2013. The premises is currently being leased to someone else. But now they refuse to move. I am all packed and nowhere to go. I have to be out by the end of this week in the place that...
  16. QuintonB

    Free legal defence for first e-toll case

    Free defence for first e-toll case Legal firm Findlay & Niemeyer Inc has offered to defend the first non-compliant e-toll road user as a test case, it said on Monday.
  17. S

    Property Zoning Question

    Hi guys I need the collective wisdom of... well... all you wise people out there. Is it legal to live in a property that is zoned for business and commercial use? Specifically, the house is zoned as above, but I would like to reside there, rent out the garden cottage that is on the property...
  18. C

    MWEB Is Stealing From Me. What are the laws?

    Just to keep it quick. I signed up for two Mweb uncapped hosting packages a month apart and included in the package is a free domain. After looking at my account a few weeks after signing up, I noticed that they debited my account for R79 (for the domain). I then called them, and said...
  19. antowan

    "Zuma urges chiefs not to buy into legal practices of whites" "Prisons are done by people who cannot resolve problems. Let us solve African problems the African way, not the white man's way," Zuma told a cheering House of Traditional Leaders.
  20. L

    Problem: Emolument Attachment Order

    [TL;DR] A company got an Emolument Attachment Order for a colleague of mine that had R1915.28 outstanding debt (that probably already prescribed). This after a debt collector led her into signing some documents that she probably should not have signed and then promised to call her to arrange a...