led tv

  1. J

    Proline LED TV 916-42 FHD 100

    Hi, Does anyone have advice regarding a Proline LED TV 916-42 FHD 100 which display does not switch on. When the TV is switched on it has a blue flashing light which usually stops flashing after a few seconds. However, the light just continues to flash now and the display does not come on as...
  2. C

    Sinotec LED 49E3001M WallMount?

    Hey Guys, Not sure if anyone has this model but wanted to check if thats wall mountable I had this tv for a while now but It wasn't mounted. Now I want to wall mount it but I cant seem to figure out. maybe i am missing something but it does not seem to have the points for attaching the tv...
  3. K

    samsung tv fixing

    Hi, any body have experience for fixing a samsung led tv. broken cracked led looking for a solution
  4. B

    Hisense... Can we trust?

    Hi, So I am looking at two TV's The 60" Hisense: 60K390PA or the 55" Samsung: 55H6203 Now, granted the Hisense is a bit more expensive than the Samsung (as they are not really in the same class). Is the Hisense worth the extra? Does anyone have experience with this TV and trust the...
  5. Rouxenator

    Philips or Sinotec : 50" LED

    Sold my plasma and I am in the process of buying a LED TV. Actually allowed myself to be badgered into a Sansui Smart TV but it is complete crap, the sound is horrible and running Android 4.0.4 it takes ages to switch on so it's going back to Hi Fi Corruption. My options are thus the 50"...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Samsung, LG turn to quantum dot TVs

    Samsung, LG turn to quantum dot TVs The world’s biggest TV makers, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and LG Electronics Inc, are turning to quantum dot technology for their next-generation TVs
  7. jes

    LG Ultra HD TV: 55- and 65-inch models introduced

    New LG Ultra HD TVs introduced LG announced the addition of 55- and 65-inch Ultra HD TV models in markets, expected to launch in South Africa later this year
  8. C

    Samsung smart TV models Help

    I've been looking at getting one of these for awhile now. It will be my first TV so I do want it to be a good one. I have looked at the 40" ES6600 except that it's so hard to find in shops! Hi-Fi Corp said they could order it- but at a 2 week waiting period, whilst most other shops try sell me...
  9. P

    Samsung UN32C5000QF (32" FHD LED)

    Hey guys I have the above mentioned TV, problem is that the tv does not have a RCA cable slot so I can't connect my standard DSTV decoder (HD Decoder and DSTV premium is not my required solution as I will only get the cheap DTSV package with the SABC's and Supersport Blitz). Has anyone...
  10. jes

    Samsung 55-inch D8000 3D TV review (MyBroadband)

    Samsung 55-inch D8000 3D TV review (MyBroadband) Does Samsung’s high-end Series 8 (UA55D8000YR) LED-backlit 3D TV live up to its hefty price tag?
  11. S

    Samsung TV apps

    Hi there, I have seen a video about samsung tv apps and I tried to get it on my led tv but with no luck. do anyone have any idea how to get it that's the samsung apps video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxXoZwpD5J0 note: my tv is not a US model, and I wasn't able to change it from...
  12. C

    Samsung Series 5 LED TV & DSTV

    Does anyone have a Samsung Series 5 LED TV with "standard" DSTV PVR? The picture quality is HORRIBLE when watching DSTV - I know it has to do with the low quality MPEG's DSTV transmits. BUT is there a way to get rid of the subtle "ghost image"? Can I improve the image? I have to say: PS3...
  13. H

    Samsung internet@tv

    It took me nearly 2 weeks to solve, but I got the bugger working. I bought a 40" LED 7 Series Samsung TV UA40B7000WR only to find out that the internet@tv was not working. It basically gives one the ability serve for the time being YouTube, News and Weather. This all via...