load shedding

  1. M

    Need some help with UPS's

    Morning load shedders!! So I need some help with looking into a UPS that will run my ONT box, router, Mibox and 50 inch TV (possibly also to charge a power bank or 2) but I am not sure what to get? I have been looking at the following...
  2. F

    Advice on generator OP-1900DC

    Hi everyone, I am working from home and I am considering purchasing this generator for when there is load shedding. https://m.takealot.com/omega-generator-op-1900dc/PLID70582738?gclid=CjwKCAjw07qDBhBxEiwA6pPbHiWgXzsX8mOGiVjwl3VDGqEgyjAwjBSws5rmz4qA7aIHpOC1mWzxBBoCx1gQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds I...
  3. V

    Unshed My Load

    Hi With load shedding starting again this afternoon, I thought it would be a good time to post this. I started a website, unshedmyload.co.za, offering UPS power backups for routers and other small devices. The UPSs I offer are available in other shops, some cheaper, some more expensive...
  4. A

    Inverter setup - whole house

    For the last 2 weeks I have scoured the mybroadband threads, as well as the internet in general, but even though I found some extremely useful pieces of info on inverters and batteries and the like I have not gotten any answers on the questions I have for my currently ongoing backup power...
  5. J

    Assistance on inverter requirement

    Hi all, bit of a newb on this topic, hence want to reach out to those with knowledge. we recently purchased a place and want to put a inverter in place to take us through the (many) load sheddings to come. unfortunately we cannot put any solar in (complex rules) nor any form of noisy...
  6. RedViking

    Mecer 2400VA Inverter (Community Support)

    This Thread is for the Mecer Inverter only. My personal opinion on the unit: Seeing that there are lots of question and in lots if threads, here is my review/input on the Mecer Inverter. Instead of reposting I'll just reference here. I'll add more info soon. This should give you an idea what...
  7. U

    Load shedding Shenanigans

    Hi there everyone this is my first post here. I've just wanted to find out if anyone else has been getting this "load shedding" off of the load shedding schedule? This morning our power went out from 01:00 until 08:30 then again today load shedding was set to start at 16:00 and did not start...
  8. websquadza

    Vumatel | How Load-Shedding may affect your fibre connection

    Some or all Vumatel Trenched (grey box on your boundary wall and a Raycore CPE) clients across all ISPs may have experienced long delays in re-establishing connectivity after load shedding - this is not isolated and is affecting clients throughout South Africa. We received reports that some...
  9. werfie

    Router Battery Backup

    Anyone using anyone of these two to backup ADSL router during power outages? If so, any feedback or other relatively cheap solutions? https://www.geewiz.co.za/ups/80323-linkqnet-epower-12v-25w-dc-ups-for-d-link-routers.html OR...
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    One year of no load shedding

    One year of no load shedding Remember those dark days when load shedding wreaked havoc on households and businesses?
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    Why current power outages are not load shedding

    Why current power outages are not load shedding Eskom has not implemented load shedding for over 10 months, but electricity outages in Johannesburg have been occurring recently.
  12. D

    Prepaid meters - Load Sheds you ?

    Hi all, Can any of you good people tell me why my prepaid meter load sheds me if i using "too much" power :confused:. Seems like it sheds me at 9200w for one min , then another warning for another minute if i continue then really gets going when it sheds me for 30 mins. Any ideas how i can...
  13. Kevin Lancaster

    Corruption is the cause of Eskom load shedding

    Corruption is the cause of Eskom load shedding Corruption was at the root of load shedding implemented by Eskom, former Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi said on Thursday evening.
  14. Kevin Lancaster

    When last did you have load shedding?

    When last did you have load shedding? Eskom said it had notched up over two weeks without load shedding on Wednesday.
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    Load shedding hits SA’s economy

    Load shedding hits SA’s economy The shock of Eskom’s load shedding has finally hit home.
  16. Kevin Lancaster

    At least you don’t have 10-hour load shedding

    At least you don’t have 10-hour load shedding South Africans who complain about load shedding can thank their lucky stars that they are not living in Zambia at the moment.
  17. Kevin Lancaster

    Load shedding worse than crime for SA business

    Load shedding worse than crime for SA business Power failures are the leading concern for small business owners in South Africa, according to World Wide Worx research.
  18. C

    Long lasting inverter

    I just bought a powerstash inverter. Anyone have any experience with this inverter?
  19. Gordon_R

    Rolling Reserve Replenishment: Sat 25 July 2015 [Stg2: 0800-2200]

    Eskom Hld SOC Ltd ‏@Eskom_SA 1 hour ago #PowerAlert #load_shedding stage 2 will be implemented from 08h00 to 22h00 today. Please use energy efficiency ways to keep warm today. Edit: Confirmed by City of Cape Town: @CityofCTAlerts Stage 2- Area 7 and 15 Start time 08:00 End time 10:30...
  20. M

    Using an inverter and battery charger on the same battery at the same time

    Hi All So heres my issue. I bought a goldstone inverter (http://www.bidorbuy.co.za/item/183003222/DC_to_AC_Inverter_660W_Free_Shipping.html) and didn't do my research very well. I thought it would charge the battery and then swap over to the battery when load shedding kicks in. Evidently it...