1. T

    I accidentally put Private Bag instead of PO Box

    As it says, I ordered online and accidentally put Private Bag in the adress, but I have PO Box. What is going to happen? Will my mail arrive?
  2. R

    The Cheapest / Best way to sent stuff to America & Uk

    Hey Peeps Just wanting to find out whats the cheapest way to send a few parcels to America & Uk is from Cape Town. The post Office seems to be the cheapest but i am not sure how reliable they are. FedEx seems to be the next cheapest but then you already looking at R150 a package. Package size...
  3. J

    Can I have an IPad mailed to me?

    Hello, I just moved to ZA from the USA last week. My wife has an iPad with a cracked screen and I wanted to upgrade to the iPad pro next month. Apple products are insanely expensive here and I want to have one mailed from home. So I have a couple questions, if you don't mind helping. 1) can...
  4. S

    Post Office - Mail in Lesotho and Botswana

    How reliable are the post offices in Lesotho and Botswana? Are they affected by SAPO issues in regards of international mail? Speed and theft are the main issues I would need to know. As SAPO is out of question for known reasons I am contemplating to find a mail aggregator/customs agent in...
  5. T

    Afrihost & Axxess SMTP issues?

    Morning Folks. Is anybody having SMTP mail sending issues using Afrihost or Axxess? I've been having an issue with some of my clients since Afrihost posted the "slow network speeds in Gauteng North, east....etc on their Homepage. All of a sudden I have 5 clients total (3 on Afrihost and...
  6. T

    Mac mail corrupting Word doc attachments, turning them into Text files

    Hi, has anyone encountered this problem - every time I attach a Word doc (docx) in Mac Mail it all seems fine but when I view it in my Sent items I see that the doc has been turned into a text file with no file extension. I constantly get clients saying they can't open the documents and I've...
  7. NomNom

    Mail and Safari opens then crashes, iPhone 4S iOS8 urgent help please

    Long story short, I updated my moms iPhone 4S to iOS8 2 days ago and she hated it cause it made her iPhone slow, so I downloaded 7.1.2 from the Apple sever and downgraded it back with iTunes. I couldn't restore the backup from iTunes to it because it was made when it was running iOS8, fine so...
  8. D

    SA History Question

    I havent had the greatest experience with the South Africa postal service. A question to the the elders, what was the postal service like in the past? From the 60's - 90's - What was it like? Im just interested :)
  9. R

    MS Outlook 2010 Tracking settings

    Hi, I am using Outlook 2010 with a email address and I often schedule appointments in my calendar then send out invites for that appointment. When people accept the appointment then I can see in my appointment by the tracking option, but that seems to have disappeared - I can no...
  10. K

    Outbound SMTP redirection.

    Has anyone else noticed that Mweb intercepts and redirects all outbound connections via TCP 25 to a proxy? You can test this yourself, just port scan any external host and without fail you'll see that 25 is always open on the scanned host. :confused:
  11. jes

    Smart devices and e-mail killing traditional mail

    E-mail killing traditional mail Businesses and residents increasingly move online to communicate and pay bills.
  12. U

    Vodacom email quarantine problems

    All of sudden my emails (being sent using Vodacom smtp) are now being quarantined with the message as below, anyone else having this issue? I love the line about 'collateral damage', the only damage being done is to my business as I cannot send out enquiries now and wasting time means losing...
  13. LazyLion

    Secret evidence damns Zuma. M&G to reveal tomorrow!

    "Secret evidence damns Zuma. All the explosive details in tomorrow's M&G." Source: On the M&G Facebook page. Oh flip, what's showerman done now?! :D
  14. G

    SAPO Customs - Detention Notice

    I've ordered something from the UK almost 3 months ago. The parcel never arrived, so I contacted the seller and they were so kind to send me another one (this time with a tracking number). However I also didn't receive the second parcel. I fianlly managed to get the local tracking number and the...
  15. M

    New company mail hosting

    What's my best mail option for a company starting out. They have a few subsidiaries, I don't think more than 6 different entities, and probably not more than 20 email accounts per company eventually. Some of those may just be forwarders to the holding company mailboxes. They seem to have...
  16. Rouxenator

    What is wrong at Cape Mail?

    Seems like SAPO/Cape Mail is hiring a bunch of idiots lately because I had two parcel sent to me last week and both of them were first sent back to the post office they were sent from before it was sent to me. What are those morons doing? Anyone else experiencing the same thing? Parcel 1...
  17. S

    Help! My flag column in XP has disappeared

    My incoming mail flag column in Outlook XP has disappeared. How do I get it back? I have tried field chooser, but cant find it. Some setting must have changed.
  18. K

    8ta Mail uses Windows Live!

    So... I was browsing the 8ta contract services site, and I stumbled over to The url goes to: and this is what I found: Personally I don't like Windows Live, but it's cool that they didn't opt for...
  19. SarelSeemonster

    SAPO and snail-mailing CDs

    I've started listing some of my old audio CDs and certain books on's Marketplace to try and make a bit of money on the side. The first order I received was for an audio CD (and its jewelcase), so I wrapped it between two 5cm thick layers of sponge, and all that between another layer...
  20. G

    International Postage

    Hi, I would like to send a parcel internationally. It wont weight too much ,less than 2kg. Is there any company that does this cheaper,more effective than the post office itself or are they my best bet? Thanks. :)