1. rpm

    Microsoft highlights malware problem

    Microsoft highlights malware problem
  2. LazyLion

    Viruses / Trojans and program Cracks / Keygens

    I recently put in an old hard drive that has some old games with some cracks and keygens in the game folders (don't ask). My current version of AVG 8 Free Edition has flagged some of these cracks and keygens as Trojans. The descriptions look pretty generic though and that got me to wondering if...
  3. rpm

    Flash vulnerability exploited

    Flash vulnerability exploited
  4. M

    New worm hides behind MS Word
  5. S

    Me thinks I have a virus...

    Ok I get home day before yesterday and on my desktop is a small window stating that my paypal account has been hacked and i need to log into it so I can do whatever... I close the 3 windows via task manager and continue as per usaul. Virus scan hasn't picked up anything. This morning when...
  6. spacemuis

    Disable Windows auto-run for USB/Flash drives and stop trojans

    Hi, After battling a nasty trojan infection on an external drive that was shared between three laptops, I can recommend that you all consider disabling Windows' auto-run feature on external hard drives and USB flash drives. Wow! What a hassle - we relied on AVG's free antivirus which I now...
  7. Pitbull

    BLOODY MONDAY ! (Rant)

    /Begin Rant Ok this is what happened. This guy from work comes up to me and says I need to credit a client R 10k for data downloads because of a program running "Update.exe" This is part of the Huawei package to update the software for the data card. I asked this guy, ok so from which...
  8. M

    MP3 trojan doing the rounds

    MP3 trojan doing the rounds
  9. T

    We need Virus assistants

    im sure i speak for many users, not just those registered here but all internet users who suffers from spyware / malware / adware! :sick::mad::eek: plz can we get more replies to all the threads located in the internet security forum! many like in really alot of people will appriciate it...
  10. T

    is this a vorus/malware/adware or what?

    i dnt know what this is plz help:(:(:(
  11. B

    Virus Drains Data Bundle R10 000 later.

    Not sure if you guys have chatted about this before, if so i apologize, but here goes. One of my friends has a weekender that he uses on occasion as a data card on his laptop, if his prepaid one runs out. He had this data card in his laptop for tree days. He received a phone call from Vodacom...