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  1. T

    Aeonova360 Fiber Issues

    Hi All, I just want to post as a warning to all considering Aeonova as a fiber service provider. The infrastructure they use is flawed from the start and their service to resolve issues is horrible. Revere to the thread: ""...
  2. Amine

    MetroFiber, Cool ideas or Cell©

    Hello Everybody Trust you are all well, i have a little confusion and i want to clear it. in our state/complex they had an open day for ISPs and everyone tried hard to be better the others out all of them i have picked 3 for uncapped unshaped services. 1st one is MetroFiber which is the...
  3. T

    Metrofibre Down?

    Seems to have gone down in Sunninghill from about 19:30
  4. under_sky

    Packet Loss-MFN

    Getting packet loss every few minutes on the MFN network for about 3 seconds, is anyone experiencing this ? ISP is kiklo, never had this issue before but for the past two days its been happening non stop, you see it very easily on my USG as it has second by second checking non stop and within...
  5. Z

    What ISPs on which Fibre networks

    I started researching and planning a fibre connection to my complex and discovered that not everyone has they own fibre network or presents the network as they own. The major fibre providers which I came across so far: DFA: Dark Fibre Africa Metrofibre Telkom fibre MTN fibre Vodacom fibre...
  6. jes

    Fibre for SA

    Fibre for SA Metronet Fibre Networx wants to close the last mile fibre gap in South Africa and help open up 4G