1. Kevin Lancaster

    The home microwave oven turns 50

    The home microwave oven turns 50 The year 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the home microwave oven. The ovens were first sold for home use by Amana corporation in 1967.
  2. D

    Televisions and Appliances

    Please feel free to request prices on Televisions and Appliances from me.
  3. V

    Defrost Meat in Max 8 Minutes

    Technology impresses us everyday and makes life simpler by speeding almost any thinkable task . . . Except defrosting meat for an unplanned Braai. Even the most expensive microwave ovens will take approx 45 - 60 mins to defrost 1 kg beef! I found the fastest way: 1. Put the frozen meat in...
  4. B

    Neotel Business Internet - NeoBroadband Microwave

    Greetings A NeotelMicrowave reportback.... We needed a low latency, reliable symmetrical service. I opted for the Neotel 2Mbps package with no VOIP service. http://www.neotel.co.za/wps/portal/neotel_business_internet_neobroadbandfibre So I called the Neotel sales line, and they sent a sales...
  5. B

    Neotel Fibre for Business - ROI Requirements?

    Neotel Fibre for Business - Unusual ROI Requirements? My business needs a reliable (very) low latency internet connection (speed is not really the issue, just latency). 1mbps upstream should do fine. Sadly there is no Fibre running past my office (DFA are about 200m away, same with City)...
  6. K

    Wireless Field Technician Positions Available

    Hi everyone Scan RF Projects has 2x positions available for Wireless Field Technicians. a Complete Job spec can be viewed here: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0ByjY92wHJYehV1BRQXBRNnctbk0/edit?usp=sharing Please send resume's to admin@scanrf.co.za More info about Scan RF at...
  7. gbrown99

    Broadband in Britannia Bay West Coast

    I currently have broadband provided by Comtel microwave. This service has been unreliable. Has anyone any experience of other providers such as DKWireless or mobile operators eg Vodacom? Geoff mymanagers.co.za
  8. R

    NeoBroadband Fibre/Microwave - Your experiences please

    Hi Guys I'm looking at replacing 5x 4mbps ADSL lines with one 15mbps NeoBroadband link. I need higher upstream speeds as 640kbps is not sufficient. I will be running VPN tunnels originating on ADSL lines and terminating on this 15mbps link. I will appreciate any feedback on the...
  9. S

    Lightwave Microwaves

    Any got/tried an LG Lightwave Microwave? Or any other lightwave jobby? They look like the bee's knees in microwaving. My Microwave has completely forgotten how to cook stuff. :sick:
  10. jes

    Business internet connectivity options compared

    Business internet connectivity options compared A list comparing the pros and cons of various business-grade internet connections
  11. T

    Neotel internet + voice with SLA

    Hi guys, Just spent the last few days in and out of meetings and doing research to upgrade our internet lines... the extent went from Diginet lines, WiMAX, Microwave, Fiber, MetroFiber and MetroEthernet... now most of the praposals came in at about 17k - 20K pm running over a MPLS network...
  12. jes

    Business broadband pricing compared: ADSL versus Fibre/Microwave

    Business broadband pricing compared: ADSL versus Fibre/Microwave ARC Telecoms recently launched a Microwave/Fibre broadband solution aimed at the SME market, but can it compete against ADSL?
  13. Derrick


    The term microwave refers to electromagnetic energy having a frequency higher than 1 gigahertz (billions of cycles per second), corresponding to wavelength shorter than 30 centimeters. Microwave signals propagate in straight lines and are affected very little by the troposphere. They are not...
  14. LazyLion

    Parents complain Wi-Fi is making students sick

    http://www.cp24.com/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20100815/100815_wifi_sick/20100815/?hub=CP24Home I found this interesting because of the similarity to our own iBurst scandal with the tower that is making everyone sick. Seems like other people around the world are also complaining of the...
  15. D

    ADSL over Microwave link...?

    Hi Guys, I recently bough a house with a Vodacom Cell base station on the property. When looking at the Cell phone equipment in the garage, I noted that there are 3 large metal enclosures. One being a battery backup system. The other one is the actual cell phone base station. The third a...