1. Fulcrum29

    Dune Game - Will Funcom's upcoming Dune Survival MMO be any good?

  2. N

    Petition For Unblocking Riders Of Icarus For South African MMO Gamers Just a Good Friendly petition to unblock Riders Of Icarus that was Region Blocked as whole "Africa" Instead of looking at the individual Countries and their Gamers
  3. R

    Archeage Guild

    Archeage Guild Recruiting - Debauchery Tea Party Join us in playing one of the most innovative new mmos to come out in years. Debauchery Tea Party is a predominantly South African guild with a broad focus and interests in pvp, trading and crafting. Guild Info Interests: Battlegrounds...
  4. A

    EVE Online Free 21 day trial link

    The usual trial period for EVE Online is 14 days. By using this link to create a trial account you will get an extra week to try the world's biggest space MMO :) See what all the hype is about - you have nothing to loose (only your ship :wtf:)...
  5. S

    Age Of Wushu - F2P MMO

    Has anybody attempted this game yet? The trailers look sick :love: Hopefully theirs SA players. I Don't want to be all by my lonesome self.
  6. S

    DUST 514 on PS3 is now in Open Beta! Get some rewards inside.

    Sign up for DUST 514 with my Recruiter link, and start the game with exclusive gear. Free to play on PS3! :D
  7. Conack

    SA Guilds 2013 - World of Warcraft

    Herewith a newly compiled list of active SA Guilds as of Jan 2013: Alonsus - EU: Mojo (10M Raiding Guild) - Alliance Chromaggus - EU - PVP: Unforgiven II (10M Raiding Guild) - Horde (Since Chromaggus is nearly an empty realm the active raiding team (as of 2013 Feb) moved to...
  8. Marz

    Sorted Gaming Guild

    Hi guys Just wanted to let you know about one of the All round gaming guilds available on Guild Wars 2 With a 7 year history ; Sorted guild has stomped its authority into the worlds' of gaming. Through a close knit, humours yet serious group of core gamers our guild has achieved many world...
  9. S

    Guild Wars 2 South Africa - Launch competition details...

    Guild Wars 2 South Africa has launched a series of three competitions all rewarding you the community for your continued support. The prizes up for grabs are Standard Editions of Guild Wars 2, Gems and a Grand Prize of one Guild Wars 2 Collectors Edition. Here are the details: So get...
  10. PhreeMe

    MWEB Uncapped & MMO Downloads

    Hi Guys What speeds do you get when downloading either a MMO to test, or the patches associated with them? When trying to download patches for STO, I averaged between 10kB/s - 100kB/s <-- for a VERY short time.... a few seconds. Now I'm trying to download the Age of Conan client and it...
  11. N

    Lineage II

    Hi All I am a noobie here :p I want to find out if there are any other South Africans who play Lineage II - Gracia Part 2 ???...or maybe even one of the older Cronicles? Lineage II is a MMORPG like World of Warcraft, but with 1000x better graphics!
  12. L

    Lord of the Rings Online

    *cough* So... I played the trial a week or two ago. Downloaded the US version with the download manager that downloads in segments so I only played the tutorial area. I was/am really impressed and bought it. I've spent the day patching it so far -.-' *yaaaaawn* The excitement is killing me...