1. Jamie McKane

    Do you use more than one monitor at work?

    Do you use a multi-monitor setup at the office? How many monitors do you use?
  2. K

    Glossy ultra wide monitors

    Hi guys I am looking to buy a monitor that has a glossy screen. I dont want to discuss pros and cons, just want to know if anybody knows where i can get any decent ultra wide glossy screen monitors. Thanks guys
  3. H

    Acer Predator X34 Demand Poll for South Africa

    I would like to find out how many people are interested in buying a Predator x34 monitor so I setup this poll:
  4. T

    Looking to buy a 27" monitor!

    I've been searching the online stores of South Africa and Takealot's Unboxed deals look amazing. Would you recommend an unboxed item or rather buy new for R30%-40% more? Looking at Samsung and LG, maybe AOC and Dell. I will be using it for gaming and web development/programming.
  5. S

    Opinions Needed on which display to choose.

    Hi there so first off let me just say that I'm on a budget here: I just want your opinion on which one of these 2 displays would be the best for my computer , I use my computer for gaming mainly but it doesn't have a gtx Titan now so I don't think I can call it a 'gaming rig' just yet. Anyway...
  6. B

    Low Prices on Asus LED monitors

    Specials from Behemoth Technology (only while stocks last) Satisfy your Need for Specials Follow the link to view our range of Specials : More Specials Behemoth Technology For further information regarding these products or any other products from B-Technology please don't...
  7. B

    Monitors 5% Off Sale!!

    ALL MONITORS...5% OFF! It is that time of the week again where we give away stock at discounted prices. For this week only, get your hands on any of our Monitors for 5% less! Brands include Samsung, Dell, Acer, AOC, HP, and LG. Check them all out here...
  8. jes

    New Samsung monitor range revealed

    New Samsung monitor range revealed The Korean electronics giant has unveiled a new range of monitors ahead of CES 2013
  9. jes

    Should you buy a TV instead of a computer monitor?

    Should you buy a TV instead of a computer monitor? Many LCD or LED televisions are cheaper per-inch than the equivalent computer monitor. Why is this the case?
  10. jes

    What does 2011 hold for monitors and TVs?

    What does 2011 hold for monitors and TVs? Looking for an LED monitor between the sizes of 26 and 32 inches in South Africa? Interested in screens with greater than HD resolutions? 2011 might just be your year
  11. jes

    Where did all the 1920x1200 widescreen monitors go?

    Where did all the 1920x1200 widescreen monitors go? Some of the most popular and widely recommended monitors from the last decade seem to have vanished from shop shelves. Why?
  12. PseudZ

    Duel Monitors

    I have two monitors and i was wondering if its possible to set up duel displays with my Geforce graphics card and my on board? Will it work or as soon as it detects PCI graphics, the on board gets disabled? Thanks