1. Vorastra

    'ISIS' warns SA: Steer clear of Mozambique conflict
  2. J

    1,000 people die in Mozambique cyclone

    1,000 people die in Mozambique cyclone A tropical cyclone that swept across Mozambique at the weekend may have killed more than 1,000 people, President Filipe Nyusi said as heavy rains continued to pound neighboring Zimbabwe where flooding left dozens more dead. “It’s clear that the next few...
  3. F

    Mozambique - Ponta do Ouro and Malongane by 2x4

    I am planning a trip to Ponta do Ouro and Ponta Malongane, early April 2018. My question is, have any of you managed to make it to Ponta Malongane in a 2x4 Auto doublecab? But before you answer, consider the below: We visited Ponta do Ouro in August this year briefly for a wedding. Our...
  4. I

    Oh - not again. Mozambique and civil war . . . I only can hope this is a joke. Mind you, I thought the same over a decade ago, regarding Zimbabwe. And I was wrong . . .
  5. kokzn

    Road trip + New Year by the beach in Mozambique

    Myself and a friends are planning a road trip plus New Year celebration in Moz at the end of the year. We looking at 10 to 12 people. Preferably self catering accommodation by the beach or close enough. We only looking at a lively place with lots of night life and parties. We will be using...
  6. K

    5 die in Mozambique drinking contest

    Link A competition to finish five bottles of brandy:wtf:
  7. rpm

    SEACOM begins construction
  8. rpm

    Broadband blockage
  9. rpm

    SEACOM Marine Survey to start in South Africa