1. J

    Six3 introduces new video-sharing app

    Video-messaging could topple texts Video-sharing could become the new way to swap information and connect with friends with apps such as Six3
  2. F

    Suggestions for setting up streaming throughout a home

    So I have an interesting challenge on my plate, I am hoping that I can get a few ideas from the geniuses of the forum! Basically what I would like to achieve is to have everything setup in a central place (we will call this the control room) and stream over the network. In said control...
  3. M

    Does this mean I have 3D TV Play Installed and Ready to use?

    Hi, I have a Dell XPS L502X notebook, which has a Nvidia GT 525M. Apparently, if you want to view 3D Multimedia (games, pictures, video's, etc) on a 3D TV, you must have 3D TV Play Installed. I did my homework on the software, it is $39,99 for it. I also read that Apparently the Dell XPS...
  4. P

    Stream multimedia content from my PC to my PS3..wirelessly!

    Hi guys, i recently bought a pc and its awesome :D , now heres the dillema. I have the PS# in my living room and all my content on the PC. I dont want a lan cable from my pc to the ps3 or use usb to transfer stuff, its too muchh effort..:). The obvious option is to have a wifi connection (stream...
  5. B

    Logik 26" FULL HD or Logik 32" HD Ready????

    Game is having a special. The Logik 26" FULL HD for R2599 and Logik 32" HD Ready for R2999. I wanna buy one of these saturday please give me some advice?!:D Things to be noted : I'm not a gamer. I hate TV, Just wanna use it for my pc. Don't use a graphics card. I do have a tv license...
  6. jes

    STOR.E TV+ multimedia storage drive availabe in SA

    STOR.E TV+ multimedia storage drive availabe in SA Toshiba Europe announced that its new HD multimedia storage drive, the STOR.E TV+, is available in South Africa
  7. jes

    Toshiba’s first Android tablet announced - FOLIO 100

    Toshiba’s first Android tablet announced - FOLIO 100 The FOLIO 100 tablet PC is multimedia focussed with Flash 10.1 support, WLAN and HDMI
  8. AntiThesis

    TopTV Install Process guide - Read first

    Just thought I'd compile one of these so we can have a little clarity for folks :) Step 1 - Buying the stuff Buy your decoder from either Pep, House and Home or Game. At the moment (and until TopTV changes it) it's R499. In your box you should have: 1 x remote 2 x AAA batteries 1 x Decoder...
  9. LazyLion

    The Renamer renames your TV and Movie Files to their correct names! Sweet! Looks pretty good!
  10. Voodoo

    Mvix MV2500U VS Mvix MV6000R?

    Need some opinions please. Which one would you buy and why? They basically cost the same without hard drive. Thanks. :) Cheerz Voodoo