1. Hanno Labuschagne

    Advanced tech used by assassins to disable cameras and spy on whistleblower's phone

    Advanced tech used by assassins to disable cameras and spy on whistleblower's phone The hitmen accused of gunning down a Gauteng Health Department whistleblower spied on her phone and used remote tech to disable CCTV cameras close to her home to avoid detection. This is according to a report...
  2. RedViking

    Vehicle torched in ongoing Richards Bay violence PARTS of Richards Bay CBD remain on lockdown amid ongoing protest action which erupted on Friday and continued yesterday (Monday) and today. There is a heavy police presence in the Taxi City vicinity...
  3. M

    Clown accused of murdering ex livestreams police standoff

    Clown accused of murdering ex livestreams police standoff
  4. RyanBrothwell

    Benoni businessmen living in fear after 'meat king' murder

    On the morning of March 17, Vusi Ndlovu went as usual to say hello to his good friend and businessman, Fakrudeen Muthalib, known as the meat king of Benoni. Muthalib's last words to Ndlovu were a request that he stop in at the butchery before going home that afternoon, because Muthalib wanted...
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Cannibalism website killer to face the music

    Cannibalism website killer in court The trial of a German police officer accused of murdering a willing victim he met on a website for cannibalism fetishists starts on Friday in the eastern city of Dresden
  6. I

    State witness tells how orgy ended in death
  7. I

    Bloodbath at Cape tavern
  8. I

    Schoolboy knifed: pupils describe attack
  9. I

    Farmer killed in Sabie robbery

    Sabie, Mpumalanga - A farmer was shot dead near Sabie, Mpumalanga, on Thursday morning, police said. Four armed men accosted Paul Mason, 63, and his wife, Gwyneth Mason, 58, when they returned to their home on the farm Kruisfontein, Colonel Leonard Hlathi told a Sapa correspondent. “The wife...
  10. I

    Terror in a Durban taxi
  11. I

    SA schoolgirl dies after bully-girl forces her to eat poisoned sandwich THE BULLY GIRL gave Nomonde Hlungwane a sandwich and forced her to eat it. But the bread was laced with rat poison! NOMONDE DIED A HORRIBLE DEATH, WITH BLOOD COMING OUT OF HER EARS! Later the bully ALSO took poison -...
  12. I

    Headmistress jailed for murder.

    Hammanskraal - An Mpumalanga primary school principal was jailed for in effect 12 years on Monday, for murdering her former gardener on suspicion of stealing money and jewellery from her house. The North West High Court, sitting in the Temba Magistrate's Court, in Hammanskraal, had found Pinky...
  13. I

    63-year-old implicated in murder Nelspruit - A young, self-confessed Mpumalanga robber recounted on Tuesday how a 63-year-old woman got him involved in her younger brother’s murder. A Sapa correspondent reported that Nhlanhla Percy Dube, 23, was...
  14. I

    Robbers kill KZN farmer at his front gate

    The police only showed up a hour later! WTF Welcome to the new South Africa :D
  15. QuintonB

    Killer uploads picture of murdered victim's corpse to Facebook

    Man murders wife, shares photos on Facebook A US man was being quizzed by police on Thursday after gunning down his wife and posting a gruesome picture of her dead body on Facebook, authorities said.
  16. I

    Massacre survivor tells of horror

    Zulu on the run :D WTF Surely this story can't be true. What was the motiv? It looks like the reporter forgot to mention it. Or was it just for crowd entertainment. Sometimes I wonder if IOL gets their news out of the 'Lord of the Rings' series...
  17. I

    Alleged serial rapist kills himself

    Sifiso Makhubo was found dead in his cell by police, eNCA reporter Karyn Maughan tweeted.The 42-year-old had been expected to plead to 122 charges . . WTF Am I reading right? One hundred and twenty two charges...
  18. I

    75 years old woman hacks intruder.

    Ha Ha She should receive life for the murder.
  19. I

    Four killed in Benoni shooting.

    In South Africa, murder is nothing unusual anymore. Over half a dozen people get shot death in less then a week in Gauteng (their industrial hub) and all you get is a insert in a rather "back of the log" news paper. WTF Welcome to the NEW South Africa 2013...
  20. I

    Petrol jockey beaten to death.

    WTF Cape Town - A petrol attendant died after he was allegedly assaulted with a plank by a motorist for refusing to fill up the man’s tank. Lawrence Mandipazano was assaulted at about 6.40am on Tuesday at the...