1. The_Right_Honourable_Brit

    Inside the mind of a robber

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  2. LazyLion

    JonBenet Ramsey's Family finally cleared of all suspicion. I remember watching the movie about this... which was sympathetic to the family. Wow, glad they were exonerated... but sad that they had to go through all of this! :eek:
  3. L

    Man Kills His Family

    Source: iafrica My heart broke when I read this article. I feel so bad for that kid - he lived, he'll remember that for the rest of his life - losing his family in such a horrible way. The look on their faces, and the look on his father's face. Sometimes I hate the world we live in...
  4. Vrotappel

    Egpaar vir niks vermoor

    This lady worked in our Mail Centre. I cannot express the way I feel in words about murders like this that makes absolutely no sense.